Tuesday, February 26, 2013

we're locals

I was sitting on my computer at approximately 2:30 pm today when I suddenly got incredibly bored.
I then said to lisa,

"I really wish I could go to park city right now"
"me too"
"well what are you doing right now?"
"nothing what are you doing?"

by 2:45 pm we were in lisa's car on our way to park city.

crazy spontaneity?
I think so.

but it was amazing!

me and lisa are obsessed with a store on park city main street called olive & tweed

they have the prettiest artist inspired clothing and by far the best boutique on the block and a little more cheap

sometimes my spontaneous decisions, are my best decisions.



denim shirts are the best

read about it on a lace affair

Monday, February 25, 2013

as of late....

I've been happier than I ever have before.

can I just have a happy post rant real quick?
in institute sister terry told us to stop thinking we're going to jinx ourselves and just be happy for what we have!
so here's what I'm happy about.


I'm into my major finally and I'm taking classes I actually want to take.
I love them so much.
Those of you going to college right now and struggling with your lame general classes,
trust me, it gets so much better.

I don't know if I've officially announced to you guys but I got a new job around october.
the best new job.
Forever 21
it's seriously the best job ever.
awesome people, awesome clothes, awesome managers.
problem is I get paid crap and only work a couple days a week so I had to keep my other job which I just hate.
however, the past couple weeks, they've upped my hours AND my manager complimented me on doing so well.
I'm movin on up and hopefully soon it will be my only job.

jeffrey? seriously? can you get more amazing?
I don't mean to brag but, I have the best boyfriend in the world you guys.
I've been with him for so long and he still never ceases to surprise me.
I'm still so completely in love with him and wish I could spend every waking moment with him.

don't get me wrong people,
my hair's falling out, I have acne and I'm getting less sleep than I ever have before

but I'm happy.