Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My adult Christmas

I watched White Christmas a few times, I decorated our tree, but for the most part.. this Christmas was very.. uneventful? I spent most of the days napping or working. I didn't buy any of my presents until the 22nd and 23rd.

My parents asked me many times what I wanted for christmas. As we grow up, I feel like our wish list for Santa becomes boring. It's no longer that new barbie or that amazing new toy we saw on TV that we just had to have.
We either have something we want that isn't very likely to get because it costs too much money.
Or it's something we need that we just really don't want to spend the money to get.

So for me, I wanted a plane ticket to Europe.
But I needed an electric toothbrush and running shoes.

I also received a bright yellow sweater, high rise jeans (my absolute favorite jeans), terribly great boots and four pairs of comfortable socks.

So I got my shoes and my toothbrush.

Getting some fitnass going. I finally have weights to work out my arms so I can get super ripped biceps.

I sent out a package to Switzerland and it got there far before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, I still didn't get a package back.

But just yesterday, this came in the mail.

Oxford University sweatshirt from Oxford, England. I wanted one so badly while visiting Wes and we were too busy so we forgot to get one. It's truly legitimate.

 It wasn't that I was a Scrooge, I just wasn't into it this year. I feel like the magic of Christmas is slowly dimming as I get older. This year I blame it on the non-exsistent snow. But it was still a very good Christmas, I blame it on the beautiful snow that fell on Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

... with the sound of music

After we ate in Innsbrück, we drove to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. A resort town in the Bavarian Alps. Home to the famous Zugspitze.
Unfortunately I had absolutely no time here and couldn't even see Zugspitze because it was too cloudy.

But I took two of the kids to Eibsee where we walked around the lake.

I really miss that face...

That was all I really got to see of Garmisch. So if you ask me, I think I deserve another trip there. Agreed?

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Hills are alive...

If I could go back to Europe and do a trip anywhere I wanted to, it would be the Alps.

I didn't get to see them yet but after watching the Sound of Music at least five times since getting to Germany, I knew I had to get there.

Luckily, my host parents organized a short trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In the German Alps.

Can I get a....

Well, really we went to Innsbrück, Austria first.

It rained quite a bit so my head was literally in the clouds, and figuratively to be honest...

A Slight Update

I've been home for about two months now.
To be honest, not much has happened.

: I have acquired two jobs.
: I spend way too much time with dog.
: I drink peppermint tea, like all the time.
: I look at too many pictures that make me.. not homesick.. second homesick?
: I bought a brand new grown up laptop.
: I watch the IT Crowd.
: I budget my money like a hoarder.
: I pin things I don't need.
: FaceTime is my best friend. Along with the person on the other end.

I'll be continuing my blog but also throwing back to other few trips I still haven't blogged about every once in a while.

But first.. I should really clean my room.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My life in numbers

From November 2013-November 2014, this is my life in numbers.
Shall we crunch them?

I've lived in 3 different countries.
I've visited 14 countries.
I've been to 17 major cities.
I've seen 29 major sights.

I rode on 2 European trains,
too many Chinese trains,
 6 underground systems,
6 long distance coaches,
12 planes,
1 bike,
and countless car rides.

I used 7 different currencies,
navigated through 8 languages,
picked up 2 languages (sort of),
had 4 quite scary experiences,
and loads of nerve-racking ones.

I gained 2 families,
at least 20 new friends,
1284 pictures,
5 pounds,
1 love,
and a crazy amount of courage I didn't even know I possessed.

I'm home now and..
Yes, I miss it quite a bit.
No, I can't speak German fluently.
Yes, I still want kids.
No, I didn't get you anything.
 And yes, I would do anything to go back.