Wednesday, August 21, 2013

it took a while for you to find me

so there's this song a really great guy showed me.

when I first listened to it, I got this burning feeling inside of me like I've never ever in my life felt before.
It's this feeling of complete peace and love.
I couldn't figure out why this song affected me so greatly.
It's a very simple song and yes his voice is absolutely gorgeous,

but why?

so I looked up the meaning of the song.
This song is all about finding God.
More about Him finding you, even when you're hiding.

Then I realized. I was hiding.
and He was trying to find me again.

It brings me to tears nearly every time I listen to it.
I hope you enjoy it too because it's an incredibly beautiful song.

in comment section of this video,
the top comment is "So Kurt didn't die... He just got tired of grunge...."
I love that comment haha