Sunday, July 17, 2011

the district sleeps alone

yesterday i was able to jump on the metro and go to...
washington d.c.!
(i'm the one wearing the bright orange skirt)

let me just explain it in pictures
because i may or may not have taken one hundred and three.
at the top of the old post office there is a clock tower that you can go all the way up into
this is the view of the clock tower.
oh hey mr. president.
this monument was by far my favorite.
(washington monument behind it)
it had a huge fountain in the middle where..
you can dip your feet in (which is so refreshing after a full day of walking)
the lincoln memorial
korean war memorial.
it's kind of eerie.
towards the end of the day, we walked all around town and by the time we got to the lincoln memorial. we were pooped and that's an understatement.
we tried to flag down a taxi and were unsuccessful.
these nice people with the bikes that have a seats in the back for people to sit and the people peddle them around town.
we rode in one of those.
it was so. fun.
and the guy looked tired but he was still really nice.

to conclude my trip post here is a picture of me holding the washington monument

Sunday, July 10, 2011

greetings from the VA.

for my nannying job, i am able to have saturdays and sundays off.
obviously my sundays are meant for the Lord.
so saturdays will now be my adventure days.

i am in the horse country of virginia and i'm about an hour and twenty minutes away from d.c.
all of the towns are gorgeous little towns with beautiful main streets.
for my first adventure, i drove the towns of upperville and middleburg
here are some visual aids.

this church is in upperville, the hen on top of the steeple is made of solid gold.
it has a huge courtyard and i walked around it for like twenty minutes

here are some of my favorite houses i was able to gander at
 isn't the virginia country side beautiful?

i also went to an H&M and bought a bright red skirt.
and i can't stop twirling in it

Friday, July 8, 2011


dear readers,
due to the fact that i am now in virginia taking children to various activities,
and the beautiful place that it is, it has it's drawbacks, such as, not very much cell phone service.
every night i have to call my mother in this sort of position.
i will provide more pictures of my adventures, however, i am short on internet supply so i won't be very frequent.
i will probably only be able to get on about once a week.
so look forward to my posts.
i love you all.
feel free to text me.

some funny stories.

i've never had to worry about frizzy hair, ever.
i've had nice hair.
this humidity, can i just say wow?
my hair has never been this frizzy. i actually have to DO my HAIR?
it's unheard of.

it's also INSANELY green.
the grass grows all the way to the road and trees line the small windy roads and highways.
just green.
i love it.

Monday, July 4, 2011



Urban Outfitters and Undies.
sadly my bank account doesn't enjoy this place too much, but i do.
and it may or may not be my third most visited site on this computer.
after my own blog and facebook.

yes i did steal these pictures from nicole but they were too good.
funny story.

me, nicole and kassie went to the mall.
nicole needed a nice bra from victoria's.
so she got one.
but a nice cute boy tagged along with us and she asked me to carry around her pink striped bag.
so i did.
we went into american eagle and they were having a crazy sale on some undies.
naturally, i went there.
i got so into it that i was digging through that bin.
it was successful.
as i took my rewards to the check out, i still had nicole's pink bag.
i sat it on the counter as i bought some more undies.
the cashier gave me a look like
"are you addicted to buying intimates or something?"
so i had to tell her i was carrying around my friend's bag and i wasn't a panties addict.
even though..
i'm kind of starting to be.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

sometimes i spend my sundays playing with dominoes with my adorable cousin tatum




if you don't know my love for tights.
you don't know me.