Monday, November 21, 2016

Magenta Lips | Lipstick Mixing

I've been craving some new lip colors. I haven't been much of a great lipstick wearer. I had a sudden urge to just constantly wear it, but I was bored of all of the colors that I do have. I found a lip color on Pinterest that I fell in love with. I clicked through to find what it was, and it led me to a blog that said the lip color was a combination of two colors. I instantly wanted one of those colors (NARS Damned). It's a beautiful magenta. I had to have it.. But I don't have $26 lying around to spend on lipstick I won't wear often enough!

I took it into my own hands. I did what that blog did. I combined two lipsticks that I already own!

I combined Revlon Kissable Balm in Smitten and NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Voltaire.

Smitten is just a little too pink and light. I wanted something deeper, but Voltaire was too dark. So I put one layer of Voltaire.

This looks fine. In real life it looks much darker and brown. Then I put a couple of layers of Smitten, and Voila!

I'm going to experiment all week with combining more of my lipsticks. Are you bored of yours? Make some new colors!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall 10x10 Challenge Completed!

I did it! I completed my 10x10 challenge (link to my previous post with all my clothing items).

I wore every single one of my items. I started to get a little uninspired towards the end (hence the black on black on black), but I'm overall happy with all of my fits.

What I learned:

The fact that I wasn't being as creative with my clothes, it turned in to me going nuts on my makeup. I started getting excited to do my makeup in the morning. I wore bold lipstick four times in the past ten days! It's what made my creative juices flow. It even made me buy two new lipsticks! I probably could've done more with my hair, but I had so much fun with my makeup.

I also didn't include my outerwear. I love my outerwear. I kind of leaned on my simple outfits by wearing one of my structured jackets. It completely made me realize how I'm missing a couple of things! Like my sheer-ish black tights. I made a run in them last year, and I need to get new ones.

I'm working on a capsule wardrobe. This was a good start for me to realize what I really wear day to day.

I'll probably do this again every season! So here was my fall one.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Girlfriend Collective Leggings | No Pants Dance

I have to say, Facebook advertising works for me.. I can't help it. I know you're listening to me Facebook. I know you're keeping tabs on me. You're pinpointing things I obviously am interested in. Yeah sure, it bothers me sometimes. Not when I get a killer deal, though.

I saw an ad for the Girlfriend Collective. They were giving away "free leggings" (with the cost of shipping). The shipping only cost $20, so I got leggings for $20. I've been eyeing Lululemon, TNA, pretty much any of the leggings at Aritzia. They all range from $40-$200! I decided to give these a try. Why not? It's about the same cost as a pair from Old Navy. They can't be any worse than the ones that are currently slipping a bit in my drawer right now.

Well they finally came!

I'm in love. I'll admit, I've never bought any super high quality leggings. I have some from Aerie, Old Navy, and some that my mom bought me from Costco. They've all been good! I don't have many complaints. At least I didn't..

These leggings are soft. I mean soft. I took a look at them fresh out of the package, and I thought to myself "Oh no way in hell these are fitting over my current thunder thighs." I was wrong. They slipped on beautifully.

They're perfect for lounging.

They're also perfect for running.

My favorite part is that they don't ride down. They also are truly high-waisted (finally).  It's like I'm wearing no pants.

So I'll do a dance.

Two thumbs up for Girlfriend Collective. Go get yourself a pair for twenty bucks, too!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Want That | Sonia Rykiel/Lancome

When it comes to makeup, I'm usually a "It is good quality? Awesome. I'll take it."

I've never really been a sucker for the pretty packaging that some brands hide their sub-par makeup in. That's starting to change a little bit. Stunning packaging is starting to catch my eye, which isn't a good thing. Brands that usually do this are luxury or very high-end brands.. I'll admit it, I spend a ton of money on makeup. But I buy well researched, and essential makeup.

This stuff though..
It's just so pretty..

How eye catching, fun, and gorgeous is this packaging? I mean seriously. I love the mod stripes that give me some mad 60s vibes.

The palette colors aren't as exciting as I thought they would be, but I love the purple palette. I'm a fan of plum-violet colors on my eyes. I would maybe consider it if it weren't $60 (!!!). The more I look at it, the more I want it.. The blue, however, is a big old no from me. It is not the 80s. I will not wear blue eyeshadow.

I would consider the cute lip pencils, though.

Sorry Lancome. I want you, but I can't have you..

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe 10x10 Challenge

I've been trying to minimize my possessions significantly. I've cleaned out my closet and my vanity. I'll talk more about this later, but I wanted to share with you a new challenge I'm starting in spirit of less is more.

It's called the 10x10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. I'm so intrigued.

Here's the deal, I picked 10 items of clothing. I'm only going to wear these 10 items of clothing for the next 10 days.  Will I be sparked creatively? Or will I drive myself crazy? The possibility of either is equal. I'm uninspired. I'm ready for a wardrobe change. I've already started on that, so I'm just going to document my findings. For science. Or for fun!

Shoes, accessories, and outerwear does not count. I need to make sure I'm warm.

Here are my items!

1. Drop-shoulder black T-shirt
2. Long sleeve grey T-shirt
3. Charcoal grey cardigan
4. Buffalo plaid flannel button-up
5. Cream blouse
6. Oatmeal sweater

7. Blue skinny jeans
8. Black skinny Levi's
9. A-line black slip skirt
10. Black shift dress

I'll document my outfits. I'm going to try so hard not to repeat outfits.

Here we go!