Sunday, June 30, 2013


it's the 4th of july in a weeeeeek!
yikes this summer is going by fast.
which I will not complain about.
however 4th of july is probably my favorite thing about summer.
me and my family always have a packed day of festivities.

I noticed that lately there's been a kind of americana trend going,
especially at forever 21, my place of employment.
so let's get murica decked out.

this star shirt is only $6.80.
buy this shirt and then wear it with blue or red bottoms and you're golden.

um hi?
these socks?
fer caaaaaa-ute!

this denim shirt came into forever 21 months ago and I wanted to purchase it every time I looked at it.
but now I really want it for fourth of july because I mean really.... it's perfect.

Obviously you must have a striped shirt in your closet (if not, we need to talk)
wear one with some bright red shorts and you will look like a true patriot.

also guyzzzz,
google reader is shutting down tomorrow.
follow me on blog lovin pretty please?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

small crown braid tutorial

I love love love braiding my hair.
I love doing full crowns of braids but it's quite time consuming.
So I often do the small crown braid for my hair.

It's really simple but there's just a couple tricks I've picked up with trial and error

1. Start braiding on one side from the very front pieces of your hair. Don't braid it straight forward otherwise it'll make a nice little bump when you pull it back later. Make sure you're pulling your hair back when you braid.
2. & just keep on braiding.
3. & repeat on the other side
4. One trick I've learned is when you're braiding, especially with small braids, when you're done, pull the braid out so it flattens and is also wider. it looks much better when you do this with your braids
5. take one side and pin it just behind your ear (if your hair is longer and it goes past your ear, loop the rest so it goes underneath the initial braid)
6. repeat on the other side, tuck the tail of the braid underneath the other braid.
7. pin pin pin pin, it will fall if you don't!
8. and voila! you've got some beautiful braids.

am I doing okay with these tutorials?
any specific hairstyle?
alright then.

bamboo board babe

I don't know if any of you knew this but..
love longboarding.

I grew up in a house full of boys with lots of skateboards.
I'd always secret take their boards and teach myself to skateboard.
I would say I became quite decent.

As I got older I became fancied with longboards when my brother let me ride his a couple times,
I was in love.

my older brother now builds his own longboards.
he traded a guy for his amazing hardwood ones for a bamboo one and gave it to me.
I finally own my very own longboard.

I painted the design on the bottom to give it my own flair.
Saying I love it would be a serious understatement.

So I'm trying to get my brother to start selling these because I think he'd do amazing.
Would any of you buy one of these babies?
Or know someone that would?
I would be happy to also throw in a small paint job like mine.

I'm satisfied.

Monday, June 10, 2013

i'm melting.

big changes in my life always lead to other small changes.

like giving my hair a good dye.

I'm no stranger to melts,
this is my second one and I just needed a good change,

it was this or chopping it.
dying it seemed like a better option.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I've always kind of been poo poo-ing maxi and midi skirts thinking they looked dowdy and pioneer girl-ish.
boy was I wrong ladies.

I looove my long skirts.

today I dressed up like a pioneer girl and didn't even care.

in fact I'm proud of my pioneer outfit, I rocked it.

it's hot out,
these skirts are basically like having no pants on, which is the only way to escape the heat in my opinion.

oh wait.....
there is no escape!!!!