Thursday, February 18, 2010

dear new beginnings,

basically being in charge of all new beginnings in young womens tonight was slightly stressful and embarrassing,
i got to..
conduct the meeting,
sit on the stand the whole time by myself,
present the first spotlight,
present the value of integrity
but right before presenting that dropping some of my papers i was holding all over the stand floor and having to bend over in my 6 inch heels to grab them and having my knee pop so loud i bet the microphone picked it up,
sing a song that i couldn't hit any of the notes and having to duet with a girl that sounded like she was whispering,
forgetting to tell the crowd there were refreshments and having to go back up to the stand after a big blank stare five minutes later and tell everyone
really great...

with love,,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dear valentines day,

i adore you
i adore you soooo much (=

every year i always have the best valentines days but this one was i'd say the best (=
delicious pizza factory pizza
(their breadsticks are always my favorite)
going from park to park
and watching my favorite audrey hepburn movie in a fort made out of blankets and chairs
yeahh that's how valentines day should be done (=
i do believe it was the best because of the boy i was with too (=

with love,,
sydnee (=

Monday, February 8, 2010

dear long lost summer,

me and my dear best friend lisa have been often having the conversation of how much we miss summer,
i personally miss my dark blue short shorts, driving with the windows down, not doing my hair for days, playing beach volleyball in the hot sun and digging my feet in the cool sand, having early in the morning being 10 o'clock, riding my bike from place to place, crazy E.S.S.P's, wearing a t shirt everyday, bonfires with four layer s'mores, my many many many pairs of flip flops, wearing the same shirt twice and no one caring,
but the thing i miss most..

i can't wait four more months

with love,,

dear my sweet brother,

i've been recently running the mailbox everyday in hopes of receiving an envelope from my beloved older brother who is currently serving in the billings, montana mission.

it sucks when you start to become close to someone and then they jet off for two years

i was looking through some old photo albums and trying to find new pictures to put in my room and i found this adorable snapshot,

isn't is so cute?
i almost started to cry

i miss him like nothing else
time to write him another letter (=

with love,,

dear blogging world,

i have decided to start this thing i call a blog again,
welcome to the somewhat exciting and slighty sappy life of sydnee,,

i sorta kinda like a cute boy (=
he's a peach and i wish i could spend every second with him,
now that my family refers to him as my "boyfriend" i feel even more happy and joyous, his smile makes me smile and his laugh makes me laugh (= all those sappy love quotes have now become a favorite, for example::
letters start with A-B-C, numbers start with 1-2-3, music starts with Do-Re-Mi, love starts with U-&-Me (=

i have also recently painted my bedroom, instead of a warming yellow it's now a calming blue (= it took all day and all my stuff is still in the hall but i love it ever so much

i hope i can keep up this blog (=
it'll be fun
now i just have to make it look cute (=

with love,,
syddd (=