Monday, July 29, 2013

perk city.

this past weekend I went up to park city with my family.
this was my only vacation all summer.
and it was great.

and what kind of human are you if you go to park city and don't go down the alpine slide?
I mean come on.

This is my awesome family.
it's been so long since we all got to sit together just us.
it gets harder when everyone gets older.

we sat down and ate at The Eating Establishment on main street.
best restaurant ever.
I ate a belgian waffle with a large helping of whipped cream. Leslie Knope would approve.
(but if you do go there, get their southwest omelette. I shared it with my dad and I almost cried because I loved it so much)

I've convinced myself I'm going to live here.

merrell boards

remember when I told you guys about my longboard my brother made in this post?
well he is starting to put his name out there about his custom longboards.

so he made a blog!

check it out here.
do you like the layout?
guess who designed it.
guess I dare you.

it was me.

I designed it.

give it a look and if anyone needs a longboard give him a ring.
on the telephone.
not on his finger.
he's already married.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

dave & james.

james franco.

yes, always.

but dave franco??

yes please.

those dang franco boys.
major swoon.
I won't even try to pick which one I like more.