Friday, December 31, 2010

when soul meets body.

did you know that zooey deschanel is married to the singer for death cab for cutie?
well now you do.
they'd have lovely singing children.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

love, dove.

i acquired some new followers and i would just like to say,

i love dove chocolates,
delicious chocolate wrapped in shiny foil,
and when you open it, it has a pick me up line inside.
"believe in yourself"
"love is a flower, friendship and a sheltering tree"
golly gee, this chocolate is good.

Monday, December 27, 2010

pixi. palm.

i have officially joined the clan of smart phones.
apps and all.
however, i'm not a fan of the facebook app. i might stay away from that one.
i also have the most boss ringtone.

thank you palm pixi.
hurrah for almost being 18.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

oh yeah, we go way back.

while setting up my laptop,
i was looking through old pictures on our desktop computer nobody ever gets on.
i found this little treasure.

oh holiday.

yes it's true.
i am now posting from my

new laptop!!!!!!!!
oh and i did get this one
i'm still getting used to it.
but i do love it.

thank you santa.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy christmas

jack frost, nippin at your nose.

remember that one time when i said our temple square date was cancelled?
well we rescheduled, to the riverwoods.
which by the way,
is so cute.
we had a lot more people come with us,
like some of my new favorite people,
kate, stacie, and brooke thorley.
they're pretty cute. but we didn't get any pictures of them.
  this would be my date, daniel harding.

eryn and weston. so cute.

eryn likes to take awkward pictures of me

'twas a lovely night.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

joy. to. simply splendid.

ah dear, the christmas season.
i haven't really gotten to enjoy it as much working in retail.
someone comes up with fifteen popcorns and three necklaces saying they want ALL of them wrapped.
"uh.. sure of course i will do that for you right.. now"
mad dash to our "employees only" section where i whip out the cellophane, christmas ribbon, tissue paper and tiny little christmas boxes.
dana comes in for the save, we finish and out back to the customer where she usually appreciates it and sometimes customers make me feel so amazing by telling me it's the cutest wrapping they've ever seen,
thank you, thank you. i try my best.

if anybody needs a good bow tied, i'm your girl.
"you know you've made it to the 'good bow tier' when you can tie a bow straight from the spool"
which i can.

i've strangely been really enjoying work lately.
it's been kind of nice.

i also actually hung out with boys last night, i know weird.
and our temple square date was cancelled...........
i still have never seen the lights.

GM will be back up in two weeks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

i'll have a husband, on the rocks.

i love the sing-off
get ready to swoon.

i'll take any of them, they're all beautiful.
especially peter and they guy with the breathtaking smile.
go watch more of theirs. i dare you.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

i'm basically james dean

psh last day of school before christmas break,
who needs it?
me and eryn didn't.
her grandpa even called us delinquents.
so we skipped on up to gardner village.
we saw the pretty shops, ate at the cafe and even considered going to the spa.
there was a giant bridge so we held hands and skipped across it.
and if anyone needs a gift idea for me,
i saw some really nice tea cups at the antique shop.
just a thought.

GM is finally here,
i. can't. wait.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

apparently, i'm creative

this one time, i had this crazy impression that i wanted to become and interior designer.
i wanted to be emily henderson. i adored her. she was my idol.
however, since taking the interior design class at my high school, i have come to the conclusion that i will never become like emily henderson.
she is just way too cool.
so i will gladly be dropping the class at the semester
but i do have this nice diorama to show for it.
see that empire state building poster?
i kind of stole it from here, thanks sara (=

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

they bring me to you.

i'm sorry lexi,
it's my fault i haven't been blogging as much.
just for you.

i think the reason i haven't posted for a teensy bit is that i just have nothing but negative feelings and animosity.

almost a year ago, it all started, my real life started.
i made the decision to become a whole new person with another amazing person by my side.
this amazing, caring, gorgeous person that i just seem to not get over no matter how hard i try.
i know, i sound like a baby just complaining.
my heart still starts beating fast when i see you. i still get a small smile, and just the sound of your name makes me get chills.
you've really got a hold on me.

i know i'm pathetic. just accept it.
believe me i wish it would go away sometimes, but it won't.

but hey, i still have happy sides to my life.

me and kassie have officially kicked off our "starting a fashion blog" by finally choosing a name
 Ruffles and Rosettes.
oh you like it? thanks it was a team effort,
kassie thought of ruffles, i thought of rosettes, boom. name.

GM is finally coming up to the north.
it's about time.

i also might be leaving utah before college.
it's not for sure,
detes later.
i love you guys.
all of you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I met her in the club then I said wassup

due to my lovely
in calculus.
i'm stuck in advisory, and it seems like i have been forever.
but one upside to advisory,
i get an extra half hour to just do homework,
and in AP biology, zach williams is always gracing me with his presence.
no, i don't really talk to him. he's one of those jersey wearing, intimidating type boys.
but, even if nobody is talking to him, he will talk.
and today, he sang to the fabulous five people in mr. van dijk's room,

toot it and boot it.
and the ludacris verse of yeah! by usher.

i couldn't help but laugh. because everytime he said a racy line of the song, he would insert one of his funny sounding laughs.
and let me tell you. he has a very entertaining laugh.

so thank you zach, for brightening my whole half hour in advisory.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

cough. sneeze. groan.

many thanks are needed to be said.
thank you cold and flu season. i needed a lazy day.
thank you dayquil and advil. my fever was overbearing and the cough was really hurting.
thank you tyra banks and oxygen. america's next top model obsessed entertained me from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

i've never been this incredibly sick. it's insane.
i go crazy if i don't accomplish anything in a day, so i opted to do my laundry.

did anyone catch the sing-off?
best. show. ever.
oh you missed it?
here you go
if you've got an hour and a half to spare. watch it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

a perfect match.

i changed my blog name.
i just got sick of it.
don't know why.
it had the major cheese factor from the beginning.
so i stuck to my good old name.
i love my name.

but i didn't always love it.

in my younger days, i hated my name. i always asked my mom why she named me such a dumb name, and especially a name nobody ever spelled correctly.
"why couldn't you name me jessica? or jennifer?"
and all my teachers would call me cindy.
sydnee and cindy are two very different names.
as i got older i slowly started to like my name.
in junior high i'd say about ninety percent of people i associated with called me syd.
syd. it was so short. so simple. so unique.

as high school approached, it became sydnee.
it was the perfect name. i fell in love with my name.
until i was completely smitten with it.
i love the way it looks when it's written, especially in cursive.
the big swooping S, the perfect Y, the two looping E's.
please spell my name right. because i love when it is spelled right.
i love the way it sounds.
it sounded the best coming from him right after an "i love you...."

my mom's answer when i asked why she had to name me sydnee, her answer was,
"i've always loved that name, i wanted a beautiful name to match a beautiful girl"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

all is merry and bright.

all is merry and bright
that's what i want for christmas, in a nut shell.
sometimes i don't understand how some girls think.
i don't know, maybe you should grow up.
and don't act like you're still in junior high,
just a thought.
thank you sister number one.

oh and nice job tyra, for picking the freakishly tall and skinny girl for america's next top model,
nobody saw that one coming.