Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i got chills. they're multiplyin'.

i'm not the only one pumped to see the oscars right?
okay okay i'm mostly pumped to see a full night of james franco.
so what if i have a giant crush on him?
upon looking at my people magazine app,
i found a post about how anne hathaway and james franco are doing a grease parody thing.
this was the only video i could find

they only have the teaser video out,
i can't wait to see the whole thing.


ah tyra.
another cycle off.
i've loved the high fashion transition.
although i really wished dominique went home.
sara is so cute,
and jaclyn.

well i'm excited.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i went to get myself some new glasses today.
while being measured for my eye width,
the lady told me that she really loved my eyebrows.
she said they were very "jennifer connelly-esque"

you may think it's strange, but it was one of the best compliments.
i don't know if any of you have noticed,
i have some eyebrows.
i rip out half of them and they're still darker and thicker than average.
they take a lot of maintenance,
so just for a second,
i thought of growing them out thicker, maybe?
it would only take a couple of weeks for them to take over.
it was just a thought.


it hurt a little more than i thought it would,
but i'll get over it. sometime.

sick tight.
watch out st george,
here i come.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tulips and roses

i was feeling a little sick and the day had just worn me out,
so i went home during fourth period to sleep a little before going to work,
at 1:45 my dad asked if he could take my car,
i sleepily replied yes.
he came back upstairs, after asking me, and told me someone had left tulips on my car.
i was little confused,
tulips? what the?
pretty right?
they look lovely with my roses too.
and attached to the tulips was
i'm still confused.
school didn't get out yet, my car was at my house, most people don't know i go home for fourth period.
i hate secrets,
they're beautiful, i want to properly thank you,
just fess up.
for my mental stability's sake.

Monday, February 14, 2011

let me riddle you a ditty.

i've always loved valentines day,
this one was no exception.

i love beginnings.

thank you TM.

Friday, February 11, 2011

never say never

yes, i am a bilieber.
say what you will.
he's got talent.
the movie,
well let's just say there's a slow motion shot of him flipping his hair.
i cried, i sang,
and at the finale last song,
i danced,
as did everybody in the theater.
best night ever.

Monday, February 7, 2011

tonight might possibly go down as,

one of those nights where you catch yourself smiling for no apparent reason.

okay maybe there is a reason.

but i still can't stop smiling.

"we'll always have paris"

go to pg main street for lunch tomorrow.

simply splendid will be serving simply delicious sandwiches and soups.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my dear mr. roderick

i just had a horrifying experience.

i was just about to turn the water on in my shower to warm it up,
when i looked down i saw it there.
a teeny little spider.
(i hate spiders, hate hate hate hate them.)
i don't especially like taking the lives of innocent creatures.
so to prevent little mr. roderick (i had to name him something) from drowning from the spout of water above him or from being stepped on by my big feet,
i grabbed the lid to the shampoo bottle and tried to scoop him up to safety,
easier said than done.
first of all, he kept running away from me
second, he would roll in this little ball and roll off everytime i thought i had him.

i was getting flustered, all i want to do is take a stupid shower and go to bed,
how ignorant i was.
i quickly scooped him and and threw him on the back of the tub.
i checked to see if he was alright..
he wasn't..
i squished him.
i squished mr roderick by trying to get him to safety.

i would like to apologize to the family of mr. roderick, my intentions were good,
i promise.
and i will treat your kind more gently now
i'm very sorry for your loss.

day twenty four.

i'll admit,
i'm a crier.
i'll cry at the drop of a hat.
especially on edge lately.

movie endings,
and the spirit.