Wednesday, April 17, 2013

je t'aime un peu plus fort

one thing I really love in life is finding a song that you love and treasure for a time and then just tuck it away and started listening to other music,
then one day you come across it,
and listen to it and you're instantly flooded with the amazing feelings you got from it.

that happened to me with this song.
I used to speak french... kind of.
it just reminds me of the happiness I felt at that time in my life,
that was about two years ago when I was feeling the itch for graduating and being scared to death of what may lie ahead of me.
which is quite similar to the situation I'm in right now I guess you could say.
do you have any songs like that in your life?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I just died.....

don't pretend like you don't want to kiss that man on the mouth right now.
hot dang.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

sunday thought

at this time in my life, I'm almost abounding in opportunities I most likely won't get in a few years.
I'm young, I'm physically able, why don't I do all the things I've been dreaming of doing since I was a young lass?
why don't I try out for the AMA club?
why don't I backpack in the Uintas?
why don't I just put myself out there for a job I really desire?
why don't I just pack up my things and travel across the world which I have desired to do for years?
why don't I just write about what I'm really thinking about on my blog without worrying people will judge me and roll their eyes?

it's all about fear.

fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of losing.
I'm so tired of being scared friends.
I'm so tired of it.
I'm letting go of my fear and being more adventurous and being myself.
because I'm tired of holding back on my desires and my dreams.

so this summer, I will be packing up my favorite clothes and leaving.
where you may ask?


everytime I think about it, I get so scared. so scared.
but then I remember that quote.
I'm jumping out of my comfort zone, and I've never been more excited.

do me a favor will you?
think of something you've always wanted to do. something you've been dying to accomplish or be a part of, but have held back because you're too scared.
then do it.
or at least work towards it, because mine takes a little more time than just a moment.

still not motivated? listen to this song by my favorite singer in the entire world
mr. ben howard.

Friday, April 5, 2013

top knot-ch

As I mentioned in my last post.
I quite enjoy wearing my hair on top of my head like a hipster.
to be honest, I think I've perfected it.
so here is my rendition on how I think the perfect top knot is done.

what you will need: elastic, comb, some normal bobby pins and some long pins.

1. pull your hair on top of your head. just use your fingers so that it looks more casual and less ballerina.
2. grab your comb and lightly rat your ponytail. it gives it extra volume and makes a world of difference.
3. start swirling that bun! I put a normal bobby pin right at the beginning.
4. my secret for the perfect top knot is long bobby pins. buy some of these now. instead of using 10 normal bobby pins, I literally use 3 or 4 of these long ones and the hold so much better.
5. keep swirling your bun around your ponytail and pin your long bobby pins in the back, front and the sides.
6. stick one last normal bobby pin to pin back the end of your ponytail.
7. get your comb and smooth out all the bumps you may have created.
8. voila! you've got a lovely top knot.

perfect for a long day at work or studying at the library.

I know most of you know how to do these but it honestly took me a lot of practice before I finally got the perfect process so I just thought I'd share.
Sock buns seem to be the trend and while those look incredibly adorable on a lot of girls, they just don't work for me.
I have thick and pretty, well actually really, long hair. When I'd do a sock bun, I would look like a clown with a giant bun on my head.
For my hair, a normal bun works better so if you're in the same boat as me, this will work for you.
If you enjoyed this tutorial and you want to see more, please give me feedback.
If you tried this, send me a picture!
love you guys.

i'm sorry everyone.....

Can I reintroduce myself?
I feel the need to.
seeing as how i feel like I haven't really been consistent in my posting and when a sweet girl saw me at work and said she followed my blog, I was surprised.
good heavens people I am the worst blogger.
for reals.

so here I am

I'm sydnee!

I'm 20 years old.
I'm LDS.
I work at Forever 21.
I'm studying journalism and marketing at UVU.
but I'm taking next fall semester off for a very large adventure.
I've lived in Utah my whole entire life.

my biggest dream is to travel the world.
I have about 65 places I want to visit in the world.

I've only been to 3 so far.
New York, D.C., & LA.

I'm completely in love with a really tall boy,
and have been for nearly three years.

I love to bake. a lot.
I've seen every gilmore girls episode, multiple times. I mean multiple.
I love to breathe in fresh, crisp mountain air.
I buy too many shoes and blouses.
I wear too many pairs of leggings.
& I enjoy wearing my hair on top of my head.
(perfect top knot tutorial to come)

I drink lots of diet coke.
Floral prints make me giddy.
James Franco is my celebrity crush.
I have a large soft spot in my heart for puppies and dogs.
I have one named Kleo.
she's a full size chocolate lab, but she thinks she's a miniature lap dog.

Fashion is my ultimate passion.
I live and breathe it.
I hope you enjoy my rambling about how much I love it.
I hope you don't think I'm weird and give strange advice.

Does anybody still read this blog?
help me out here.

Ask me any question,
any at all
and I will answer them!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

style idol {audrey}

Many of us have a style icon.
I have a few.
my first one is the famous

Audrey Hepburn
if you don't know who she is.
shame on you.
just kidding, she's just an amazing lady with incredible style.
she was a famous actress between the 50s and 60s.
so her style is a bit on the old side but it is soo classic that you could wear it now.
but here's a more modern take on her style that you could wear right this second!

keep the shapes classic

this a-line dress is from modcloth
made from a simple knit fabric that's easy and breezy to wear
and with one of her most famous quotes she says
"I believe in pink"
so pink seems fitting.

have you seen breakfast at tiffany's?
one of my favorites.
in the movie she has a cat, named cat.

watch this video to see

and did you know she made ballet flats popular for everyday life?

so guess what i found?

cat ballet flats!
they're from Charlottle Olympia

and inspired by her lovely pearl necklaces from breakfast at tiffany's,
here's a chic collar necklace with pearls from forever 21
lovely isn't it?

she will forever be my ultimate style icon.

next post will be a special post in which i show you how to do an audrey hepburn makeup look.
it'll be my first make up tutorial soooo watch out.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

trench coats and boots

it's a perfect day.
a perfect day for trench coats and boots

i'm not one for sunshine and crazy bright days.

i'm one for cloudy, drizzly, slightly brisk days.
like today.

fun fact: my roommate moved out because she just has to get married.
just kidding, i'm so happy for her
if you, or any of your friends, want to be my roomie for a nice price of $250 a month,
she's really needing someone to buy her contract.
obviously i'd be the best roommate.