Sunday, August 21, 2011

the D.C. temple.
it's breathtaking.
you hear those stories about how people get in accidents because they see it from that major highway.
it's incredibly true.

i made virginia friends. i like them a lot. they showed me sam tsui

and alex goot. who i am going to see on my last day in virginia.

i'm sorry about the depressing post before.
please forgive.
the phones stopped working and i had no mother to vent to.

i have more pretty pictures to share from my time in old town winchester, virginia.

i also have unlimited computer time today.
i will now catch up on all of your blogs (=

do you like peachie O's?
well i do and i've discovered something amazing.
trolli does not do it best.
7-11 does.
next time you're in 7-11, snag some of their "Peach Rings" and thank me later.

Friday, August 19, 2011

hey utah, i miss you.

here's a little update.

as i've said before, i don't get internet as much as i'd like to.
meaning, about once every two weeks.
i haven't forgotten about my blog
and in fact sometimes i dream about blogging and what i can say.

as of october 19th,
my heart will be in budapest for two years.

no i'm not going to college this fall.
not because i fail at life.
but because i won't be back in time.

two people i love dearly got engaged.. to each other.

i was rejected, because i was a mormon.

i will be home in two weeks, i've been counting down the days since i got here.
i do feel a little forgotten.
if you'd ask me how i'm doing, i would say
i'm fine.
i'm exhausted.
i'm frustrated.
i'm homesick.

on the other hand,
one person keeps me sane, even happy.
and a glimpse of my wrist, makes me feel better.
and certain messages make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
i don't want to get my hopes up, but,
i'll be here when the time comes. i can wait.

i'm not saying this is the worst ever.
there is some nice scenery to make the time a bit easier.

Monday, August 8, 2011

the big apple.

so there's this girl.
here name's sara.
she's my favorite person in the world.
because this past weekend i hopped on a bus and went to...
new york citayyyyy.
sara and mike, the greatest people in the entire world, let me crash at their place and walked all around the city with me.

i rode the subway, i ate pizza, i watched broadway. i did it ALL.
sara, me and angie in times square.
angie and her husband left for hawaii the day after i got there and i was disappointed i couldn't have hung out with her more.
yes, that is daniel radcliffe.
we waited in line for two hours and right when we got to the window they sold out of tickets and we had to get tickets for standing.
still worth it

we then we went to the brooklyn flea market and then crossed..
the brooklyn bridge.
we walked.. a lot.
we went down wall street and then up to soho.
then we went to our play.
after the play we ate at shake shack.
where i ate the most delicious burger on the planet.
in-n-out doesn't even compare.

me and sara are also professional hover-ers. we hovered over this table so well they basically rushed to get out of it. rory and lorelai would be proud.

end of day one.

day two.
central park.
(take note that my hair is down in the picture. it went up about ten minutes after)
on the steps of the met.
i sadly did not get to go inside.
there was a four hour wait.

then we walked down fifth avenue. which was by far my favorite street.
we went to tiffany's.
yes. THAT tiffany's.
we stopped by rockefellar center
and then the american girl place,
where they had a doll hospital and
a doll hair salon.
their clothes cost as much as my forever 21 clothes.
me and sara had childhood flashbacks as we looked at them.

we then strolled to grand central station
there was a lot more stuff we did and a lot more pictures but i sadly don't have time to upload and talk about every one.
it was the greatest trip ever. i ate delicious food and saw amazing things.
i will be forever grateful for mike and sara.

crossing new york city off of my "places i need to go"