Friday, December 31, 2010

when soul meets body.

did you know that zooey deschanel is married to the singer for death cab for cutie?
well now you do.
they'd have lovely singing children.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

love, dove.

i acquired some new followers and i would just like to say,

i love dove chocolates,
delicious chocolate wrapped in shiny foil,
and when you open it, it has a pick me up line inside.
"believe in yourself"
"love is a flower, friendship and a sheltering tree"
golly gee, this chocolate is good.

Monday, December 27, 2010

pixi. palm.

i have officially joined the clan of smart phones.
apps and all.
however, i'm not a fan of the facebook app. i might stay away from that one.
i also have the most boss ringtone.

thank you palm pixi.
hurrah for almost being 18.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

oh yeah, we go way back.

while setting up my laptop,
i was looking through old pictures on our desktop computer nobody ever gets on.
i found this little treasure.

oh holiday.

yes it's true.
i am now posting from my

new laptop!!!!!!!!
oh and i did get this one
i'm still getting used to it.
but i do love it.

thank you santa.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy christmas

jack frost, nippin at your nose.

remember that one time when i said our temple square date was cancelled?
well we rescheduled, to the riverwoods.
which by the way,
is so cute.
we had a lot more people come with us,
like some of my new favorite people,
kate, stacie, and brooke thorley.
they're pretty cute. but we didn't get any pictures of them.
  this would be my date, daniel harding.

eryn and weston. so cute.

eryn likes to take awkward pictures of me

'twas a lovely night.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

joy. to. simply splendid.

ah dear, the christmas season.
i haven't really gotten to enjoy it as much working in retail.
someone comes up with fifteen popcorns and three necklaces saying they want ALL of them wrapped.
"uh.. sure of course i will do that for you right.. now"
mad dash to our "employees only" section where i whip out the cellophane, christmas ribbon, tissue paper and tiny little christmas boxes.
dana comes in for the save, we finish and out back to the customer where she usually appreciates it and sometimes customers make me feel so amazing by telling me it's the cutest wrapping they've ever seen,
thank you, thank you. i try my best.

if anybody needs a good bow tied, i'm your girl.
"you know you've made it to the 'good bow tier' when you can tie a bow straight from the spool"
which i can.

i've strangely been really enjoying work lately.
it's been kind of nice.

i also actually hung out with boys last night, i know weird.
and our temple square date was cancelled...........
i still have never seen the lights.

GM will be back up in two weeks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

i'll have a husband, on the rocks.

i love the sing-off
get ready to swoon.

i'll take any of them, they're all beautiful.
especially peter and they guy with the breathtaking smile.
go watch more of theirs. i dare you.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

i'm basically james dean

psh last day of school before christmas break,
who needs it?
me and eryn didn't.
her grandpa even called us delinquents.
so we skipped on up to gardner village.
we saw the pretty shops, ate at the cafe and even considered going to the spa.
there was a giant bridge so we held hands and skipped across it.
and if anyone needs a gift idea for me,
i saw some really nice tea cups at the antique shop.
just a thought.

GM is finally here,
i. can't. wait.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

apparently, i'm creative

this one time, i had this crazy impression that i wanted to become and interior designer.
i wanted to be emily henderson. i adored her. she was my idol.
however, since taking the interior design class at my high school, i have come to the conclusion that i will never become like emily henderson.
she is just way too cool.
so i will gladly be dropping the class at the semester
but i do have this nice diorama to show for it.
see that empire state building poster?
i kind of stole it from here, thanks sara (=

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

they bring me to you.

i'm sorry lexi,
it's my fault i haven't been blogging as much.
just for you.

i think the reason i haven't posted for a teensy bit is that i just have nothing but negative feelings and animosity.

almost a year ago, it all started, my real life started.
i made the decision to become a whole new person with another amazing person by my side.
this amazing, caring, gorgeous person that i just seem to not get over no matter how hard i try.
i know, i sound like a baby just complaining.
my heart still starts beating fast when i see you. i still get a small smile, and just the sound of your name makes me get chills.
you've really got a hold on me.

i know i'm pathetic. just accept it.
believe me i wish it would go away sometimes, but it won't.

but hey, i still have happy sides to my life.

me and kassie have officially kicked off our "starting a fashion blog" by finally choosing a name
 Ruffles and Rosettes.
oh you like it? thanks it was a team effort,
kassie thought of ruffles, i thought of rosettes, boom. name.

GM is finally coming up to the north.
it's about time.

i also might be leaving utah before college.
it's not for sure,
detes later.
i love you guys.
all of you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I met her in the club then I said wassup

due to my lovely
in calculus.
i'm stuck in advisory, and it seems like i have been forever.
but one upside to advisory,
i get an extra half hour to just do homework,
and in AP biology, zach williams is always gracing me with his presence.
no, i don't really talk to him. he's one of those jersey wearing, intimidating type boys.
but, even if nobody is talking to him, he will talk.
and today, he sang to the fabulous five people in mr. van dijk's room,

toot it and boot it.
and the ludacris verse of yeah! by usher.

i couldn't help but laugh. because everytime he said a racy line of the song, he would insert one of his funny sounding laughs.
and let me tell you. he has a very entertaining laugh.

so thank you zach, for brightening my whole half hour in advisory.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

cough. sneeze. groan.

many thanks are needed to be said.
thank you cold and flu season. i needed a lazy day.
thank you dayquil and advil. my fever was overbearing and the cough was really hurting.
thank you tyra banks and oxygen. america's next top model obsessed entertained me from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

i've never been this incredibly sick. it's insane.
i go crazy if i don't accomplish anything in a day, so i opted to do my laundry.

did anyone catch the sing-off?
best. show. ever.
oh you missed it?
here you go
if you've got an hour and a half to spare. watch it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

a perfect match.

i changed my blog name.
i just got sick of it.
don't know why.
it had the major cheese factor from the beginning.
so i stuck to my good old name.
i love my name.

but i didn't always love it.

in my younger days, i hated my name. i always asked my mom why she named me such a dumb name, and especially a name nobody ever spelled correctly.
"why couldn't you name me jessica? or jennifer?"
and all my teachers would call me cindy.
sydnee and cindy are two very different names.
as i got older i slowly started to like my name.
in junior high i'd say about ninety percent of people i associated with called me syd.
syd. it was so short. so simple. so unique.

as high school approached, it became sydnee.
it was the perfect name. i fell in love with my name.
until i was completely smitten with it.
i love the way it looks when it's written, especially in cursive.
the big swooping S, the perfect Y, the two looping E's.
please spell my name right. because i love when it is spelled right.
i love the way it sounds.
it sounded the best coming from him right after an "i love you...."

my mom's answer when i asked why she had to name me sydnee, her answer was,
"i've always loved that name, i wanted a beautiful name to match a beautiful girl"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

all is merry and bright.

all is merry and bright
that's what i want for christmas, in a nut shell.
sometimes i don't understand how some girls think.
i don't know, maybe you should grow up.
and don't act like you're still in junior high,
just a thought.
thank you sister number one.

oh and nice job tyra, for picking the freakishly tall and skinny girl for america's next top model,
nobody saw that one coming.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i truly do love my friend eryn haws.
she's just too lovely of a sight to behold.
we adventured to taco amigo, and yogurt bliss.
yogurt bliss really lives up to it's "bliss" name.

"ohhh BC."

she listens,
she waits for me while i'm in advisory.
a good friend she is.
and that's that.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

here i come.

i never realized how incredibly stressful just applying for college is.
i'm almost there.
just a little while longer,
and i'll be part of the

red storm.

Friday, November 26, 2010

christmas shopping?

brother one, two and three.
best friend one, two and three.

check mark.

Monday, November 22, 2010

fa la la la la la la la la.

1258693 Larger Front

you're number one on my christmas list sweetheart.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

and since we've no place to go.

It's just my favorite time of the year.
The whole world changes color.
Flakes, flurries, swirls, crystals, whatever form it comes in, I'll take it.
We go back, snow and me. We have a beautiful history.
Sleigh rides, ice skating, snowball fights, I'll even take curling. Gosh I love curling.
Hot cocoa, hot tottie,
Best time of the year.
-Lorelai Gilmore.
welcome friends.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

we. are. the. champions.

one time, there was this ward, called the mount mahogany 1st ward.
the reason they were the 1st ward, is because

they are number one.
region champions. two years in a row.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i wish you well.

oh prince william.
i have loved you, for a long time.
and i'll admit, i am very jealous of kate middleton.
and i especially covet her engagement ring.

it's beautiful.

oh you didn't know?

i'm a model. sometimes.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

dear humphrey.

if you were still alive,
i believe we would be married.

here's lookin at you kid.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

well since i'm not going to sadies anymore.
i'll go buy all my christmas presents.
it's never too early.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

yeah.. i like glee.

i know everybody loves this show.
but lately, i've become obsessed.
if you know me well, you'd know that i really don't enjoy musicals.
i never could figure out why, perhaps the major cheese factor
and the way every single character will sing a song and everybody around them knows it and conveniently has prepared a dance number along with the song. at the drop of a hat.
well, glee doesn't do that, i like singing and all. i really do. but glee actually feels real.
i kind of liked this past episode.
can i just say that i want to steal all of kurt's fabulous coats and sweaters?

it may be kind of weird, but this was amazing.

thank you, you.

i was sitting in my government, contemplating the many things i would rather be doing than sitting in that pointless class, when the office aide came in.
she handed my teacher a card and she called my name
i was a bit confused, i never get anything from the office.
this is what i received.

inside contained the most amazing letter i've ever held.
but it was signed
love, me.

well you.
i can't tell you how much i appreciate this most gracious of cards.
really, i mean it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ultimate punch.

today i revisited my old dear friend rod kimble.
i love him.
if i could marry him i would.
however the closest i can find is.. andrew mortenson.
(you can't tell me he doesn't remind you of rod.)
you'd hate me if you watched it with me.
i can quote it from beginning to end.
try and top my rod love.
i bet you can't.



Saturday, November 6, 2010

yes, i still need you.

oh hey,
i know it's been a while since i talked about my modest lookbook,
just so you ladies know, yes i'm still doing it
the only saturday that i do not work on is the 20th.
please please please
let me know if you can't do it that day.
i really just want to get it done.
text me or something.
thank you.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

god be with you till we meet again.

he filled pages of my 6th grade diary.
he had a smile that no one could resist.
he never talked bad about about anybody.

no i wasn't best friends with him,
and i'm not going to be one of the girls claiming that i did.
but i did know him.
blake, you will be missed, by everybody.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


oh hey, in case you didn't notice, i kinda love fashion.
just a teeny bit.
i constantly look at online stores like j. crew, anthropologie, and so on.
and lately i've been addicted to fashion blogs.
i found this one on
not really, you'll find one just your style on there
this one is mine (=
and after kassie said she wanted to start a fashion blog.. i don't mean to feel like a copier but kassie, i would love to start one too.
maybe a co-owner blog?

Monday, November 1, 2010

ah brothers.

just a quick funny story,
while sitting in the office (which is located at the foot of the stairs and a few steps away from the kitchen)
i heard my little brother's laughing and one making a grunting noise.
brady started running, and chase chasing him. (ha didn't mean to do that, but funny)
they ran in front of the office and ran up the stairs.
sure it doesn't sound that funny,
until i tell you chase was dressed up as winnie the pooh, grunting and yelling
"come back here"
 why? i have no clue.

sometimes, i love brothers.


have you ever done that bun on top of your head thing?
no, not the weird floppy bun produced by simply not pulling your hair all out of the ponytail.
the done up bun, using bobby pins, very high on top your head?
it's the best.
just so you know.

okay i'll admit,
i'm a tiny bit smitten.
darn the long commute.

a story of diet coke, floral patterns, and love.

in the sydnee merrell movie.

she would play me.

but if not available,
she shall be my second choice.

who would play you?

Sunday, October 31, 2010


baseball games, shopping, garrett.
sums up my st george trip.

i also met a kid, saying he looked like nick jonas can't even explain it.
he is nick jonas.
gorgeous curly hair and all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

au revoir.

i am off to st. george tomorrow morning.
i will be shopping,
getting pampered with my grandma,
hanging out with my best st. george friend,
and trick-or-treating with my adorable cousin tatum.

i must pack.
if only i had a lovely suitcase to use.

is it weird that i love the look of luggage?

hey chuck, hey blair.

you love each other. get over it.
stop being so stubborn.


j'achete le collier


c'est vide,
avec rien pour le remplir..

Sunday, October 24, 2010


wow, it's this weird feeling, getting older.
am i really getting to that age?
i could legally be married in less than three months.
two girls i know are married.
one i used to play night games with, every weekend.
and one of my dear friends, whom which was my best for a while, is pregnant.
is it strange? a little bit.

i'm sure i speak for everybody when i say.
i don't really want to grow up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

i guess i'm picky.

i went to burlington coat factory with my mom.
guess what i found?
and mondo made me fall in love with houndstooth.

a long houndstooth coat maybe?

i guess i'm staying in tonight.. as always.

Friday, October 22, 2010

make it work

trying to check eryn out from school. fail.
painting on little children's faces. success.
watching project runway at the gammon's. brilliant.

fashion week shall be interesting.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

of course.

i guess if i could really choose my dream career....
i would be a fashion stylist.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hey all you lovely ladies.

hey ohh
one hundred blog posts.
i'm proud of myself for keep up on this so well.
and i'd also like to thank my 23 followers. i do dearly love you all.

but how much do you ladies love me?
here's the deal.
i'm very very very close to earning my young women's recognition award.
i only have to read the book of mormon, and one more project.
which is where you come into play.

i am missing my choice and accountability ten hour project.
and i need your help!
i'm going to be doing a "modesty lookbook".
show younger girls you can definitely dress with style and still keep your standards high.
i need you to put your cutest (and modest) outfits together.
i want to have a big photoshoot. have all you kindred spirits who are willing to help me come to my house with your outfits and we'll take pictures to put together in a book. (or if you fancy taking pictures, you can help that way too)
you're probably thinking "well she doesn't want me. i don't have a cute style."
in my opinion, every girl has a cute style.
i don't think you understand that..
i need all of you!
i never use exclamation points when i blog. that shows you how serious i am.
please contact me in any way possible if your willing to help me.
find my phone number, facebook me, comment on this post. whatever floats your boat.
also tell and bring along your friends. you really don't know how much i'll appreciate it.
thank you very much.

j'ai une question pour vous.

 soo, missi my dear friend sent me some entertainment. i guess i have to answer these questions? i don't understand it very much dear but you know, i'm bored.

1. What is your favorite article of Clothing?
oh dear. definitely tights.

2. Name one person who has inspired you within that last week.
cinderella. she taught me i can be a princess.

3. Favorite Disney Movie?
the lion king. it has always had a special place in my heart.
4. Most Valuable Possession?
i love my journal. and my gilmore girls seasons.

5. If you had a puppy, what would you name it?
something with one syllable and not overrated.
ace for a boy. elle for a girl.

6. How many pancakes can you eat?
you don't want to know. but i'd say about eight.

7. Can you take of a starburst wrapper in your mouth?

8. One tv show you HAVE to watch every week?
gossip girl, america's next top model and project runway. 

NOW i make my own questions. you answer? right missi? sure why not.
1. What three words would you use to classify your style?
2. On you dream beau, brown or blonde hair?
3. If you could pick one store to shop at with unlimited amount of money, what would it be?
4. Flower pens, tacky or cute?
5. Which of your personal items would you like to be buried with?
6. What song can you always listen to and immediately feel happier?
7. Will your wedding dress be simple, extravagant, or princess-y?
8. What is, in your opinion, the greatest love story of all time?

do it.

the sweetest thing will never do.

yeah.. there they are..
the pose was even worse than i thought.
i promise my dress looked better than that.

my favorite parts of this picture.
hayden and david's smile, my white armpit, lisa's beautifulness,
and the great awkwardness.

Monday, October 18, 2010


can i just say something?
tights are magnificent.
whoever thought of them, i would love to kiss them.
Solid opaque tights

Sunday, October 17, 2010


have you ever been to gardner village?
if you haven't, you need to.
especially now, with all the witches out.
while i was at work i was dying just to go, well, anywhere cool.
so i texted my mom and told her we should go there.
for once, she said yes.
it was a nice mother daughter bonding time.
i bought a skirt, one word. tulle.
i also found a vintage suitcase. however, my mom said no. and it was a bit on the not cheap side.
we walked into a little store and a lady in a witch costume was there
"would you like some fairy dust??"
uhh sure?
it was a star stamp with glitter all over it.
it was adorable.

grab your mom, and head up there.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

dear navy.

as i mentioned, i did go shopping yesterday.
i bought nail polish, a cardigan, a sweater, a dress and two pairs of tights.
three of those things are navy blue.

here's to you navy blue.
i truly do love you.
i never realized how much love we do have for each other.
navy blue makes me look great and in return i buy more of it.
what's greater than a perfect navy blue dress that's conveniently modest?

what's your go to color?

Friday, October 15, 2010

blah blah blah

i can't really think of anything to blog about lately.
nothing exciting has happened you know.

i finally had a chance to clean my room.
it looks pretty.

i'm getting senior pictures done soon, so i'm going shopping.. with brady.

the last home football game of my high school career. sucked.
i am jealous of cailey who gets to stand down on the field and chill with the players.

thanks kassie and kaylee. i now will be watching glee every tuesday.

i love finally sleeping in.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

guess you could call me an artist.

my pattern pinch pot.
reminds me of cheesy kitchen backsplash tile.

Monday, October 11, 2010

i love sisters.

no i was not born with sisters. but yes i acquired some.
there are five of them. and they all hold a special place in my heart.
i think the Lord sent him to me so i could steal his sisters and have them when i needed them most.
-one sister is always checking up on me, caring for me, offering to do my hair, asking how i'm doing and organizing girl's nights. she's the absolute greatest.
-another sister gives me the best advice, gives me free posters and always reassures me when i'm not certain.
-the next sister i miss terribly, i never got to say goodbye to her. she was the first to scream my name when i showed up and the first to really make me feel welcome.
-this sister is the best. she tells me to text her anytime i need her to beat someone up. i love her to pieces. one time she introduced me saying "this is syd, we love syd."
-the last sister is the one i get to see most. we're always "conveniently" walking out of the school the same time and i love it, i get to talk to her every day. and in math. she's gorgeous in every way, shape and form.

while watching gossip girl i heard a light knock at our door. strange, no one comes to our house.
when i came to the door, there was jess and lara. in the flesh. i was surprised at first. then i saw what they had huddled in their arms.

sorry i couldn't fit the eight diet cokes they did give me in the picture.
and a whole box of gummi dinosaurs.

thank you my dear sisters. i do love you all deeply.

i heart missionaries.

a lot of girls when asked if they'll go on a mission
"oh no!!!!! not for me!!!!!"
well ladies, according to a gorgeous recently returned missionary (sexy pants), he hates when girls say that.
so i decided, if i'm in a serious relationship, close to marriage, i would definitely go on a mission.
and what girl doesn't love missionaries? i get to see them three times a week, they hold open doors for me and always wave.
also a boy i went on a date with just turned in his papers and waiting for his call. strange much?
reason for this slightly random post?
in seminary, we talked about missions. of course it made me miss my brother a lot.
(currently in riverton, wyoming.)

and we had a question of the day,
"where do you want to go on your mission?"
i would say about 74% of the class said france and england.
typical. i do also wish to travel there. but not for my mission.
nay. i told sister brown i would like to go to the smaller less loves european countries.
netherlands, belgium, switzerland, austria.
she then informed me of my dream mission

it's called the Alpine German-Speaking mission.
it combines with the Zurich, Switzerland, Munich, Germany/ Austria and parts of the Frankfurt, Germany mission, and there it is.
i may not be good at german but you know. i'll have the power of the Lord with me.

where would you like to go on your mission?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

home is whenever i'm with you.

i heard this cool song on tv today.
it was an nfl commercial.
so i looked it up.
watch this video.
it'll make you wish you were born fifty years ago.
you know your mom really loves you when she buys you flowers and pumpkin pie.

you know, that one dance.

wow. i really do sincerely apologize for the lack of blogging on my part.
it's been a bit insane.
first of all,
homecoming pagent.
yes i was in it. i didn't want to tell a lot of people because let's face it, i looked like a dweeb, literally.

thanks amy.

and of course homecoming yesterday.
for our day date, we went on a slip and slide. slip and slide? in october?
yes it was freezing, my fingertips went numb.
we put soap on it, nuts.
and i have scratches everywhere because i kept slipping on to the grass. and even a nice raspberry on the very top of my leg by my butt.

i did go with the tights. and i am so glad i did.
i'm lookin so fly like a G6.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my hair is really soft today.

yesterday i was sweeping the store, and i swept up a lot of leaves.
"friggin people. why do you have to track leaves in our beautiful store?"

what? leaves in the store? can it be?
i can't wait to wear my peacoat. scarf.

tights with homecoming dress? yea or nay?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

mysterious ways.

i had a question. sister brown told me if i had asked the question, in conference they would answer it.
so struggling for a decision on which university to place my future in.
i asked which college i should go to.
i wish i could say i got my answer. but all i got was "follow your heart".

but surprisingly, the lord knew i had a different question.
a question i didn't write down.
a question i cried nights over. why?
almost a year ago. i fell in love with a boy. he's perfect in every way. i was so sure he'd be mine. forever.
it's not easy finding someone you thought you were going to be with when you're only sixteen.

the apostles may not have answered my question i wrote down. but they did answer the question i've been wanting to ask for months.


i like hanging out with cool girls.
like nicole, jessie and lucy.
and watch conference.

and amy and lisa.
we go to a sketchy phone place. i'm almost positive everything in there was stolen. no i'm not a racist.
and lisa peeped out a "gracias" on the way out.
good one lise.
i got a delicious salad. but when i looked back to see how much the drinks were, i suddenly couldn't see the price.
odd. oh no. i'm getting a migraine.
so on a saturday night, i went home, took an advil pm. i went to bed at eight o'clock.

i never felt so refreshed.

oh i also got a headband for homecoming. one word.

voting for homecoming queen is this week.
lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

i'm flattered.

1. thank the person you received the award from.
cailey, i love her blog. entertaining and full of character. she has one of those personalities that you envy.
and danny's the only boy i know who has a blog.

i guess they're pretty cool
2. sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words.
my relatable and "simple thoughts"

3. pass this on to 10 bloggers.
well.. that's a bit much but.. how about four?

mandi is a girl who marches to her own beat. she's got a style all her own. and she's incredibly interesting.
missi, she's got a lot of heart. she'll post a quote that's just what you needed to hear. or er read i guess.
lexi is a gorgeous sophomore that i met by fate. i like her positive attitude all the time, and it shows in her blog. also she always is changing it so you get a surprise everytime you visit.
nicole is my dear friend. i just love her personality. and her uniqueness.

dear post high school orientation,

thank you, for confirming to me that..
i have no idea what my major will be
or where i'll be going for college.
people asked me,
"where you do want to go?"

i told them
"oh i'd want to go to utah state, maybe southern utah or weber state, i also am thinking of dixie, or i would go to snow or CEU, and then transfer to BYU, or maybe U of U. but i also might go to utah valley."

you think i'm kidding, but i'm almost positive i said that.
i was so mad when nicole told me i could only go see three sessions of colleges. three?? but i want to see them all.
so i went to utah state's, dixie's, and southern utah's.
then i went to all the other rooms and got their pamphlets.
six pamphlets to be exact. i like pamphlets.
i think it just made me more confused.

so again, thank you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i feel it all.

things that made my day today,

- wearing tights, they just make me feel comfortable.
- getting a 90% on my first calculus test, needless to say, my eyes teared up a bit.
- painting in interior design
- cinnamon toast crunch for lunch
- tiffany ing yelling my name onstage, making me feel like less of an idiot.
- hannah laughing at me every other second.
- i now have 20 followers.
- a beautiful cold diet coke from harts
- pg volleyball won. yet again.
- getting complimented on my style.

oh and simply splendid is having a sale tomorrow through saturday.
also a trunk show.
you should go.

dear heat,

we're done.
you've had your fun. you've been looming over me for almost four months. sure we had our good times. laying in your warmth, only having to wear shorts and a white t-shirt. it was nice for the few months.
but there's a time when you need to say goodbye. need to move on.
i miss wearing sweaters, boots, tights, peacoat and beanies. i miss drinking hot chocolate, wrapping in my warm quilt on a cloudy and blustery day.
however, this is all impossible to wear or do with the "beautiful" ninety degree weather.

i offer you to join me in a protest. summer, back off, make way for fall.

Monday, September 27, 2010

ah those friends.

i talked to a friend at lunch today.
and it made my day. all day.
this friend, nicole darais. is a great friend.
we're not constantly hanging out, or calling each other every night. but i still feel like she's one my best.

i think the Lord made us side by side.
then thought "you know what? i'm going to give these two dashing girls the same personality." and so it was done.
we're both bugged by the same people, both will watch gilmore girls for hours on end (she also introduced me to gilmore girls, and i can never thank her enough), both would rather sit at home and watch a cheesy romantic comedy instead of "partying", and we both understand each other.

she's the friend you can count on and can confide in. she doesn't care what people think and she actually listens to me when i talk.

i guess you could say she's one of those, lifetime friends.

mascara, so overrated.

i was sitting in one of my favorite classes, francais deux.
and all of a sudden, my eye started to itch. which is normal for me, my eyes tend to dry out constantly.
i was being careful so as to not spread black mess all over my beautiful clean eye. and then i realized, my eyelashes were soft, not crunchy.
did i seriously forget to put on mascara?
i went all day, without mascara in public. and it felt great.
i don't find very much use for it since my eyelashes are black. but you know. it is fun to put on.
maybe someone can help me put on some nice false eyelashes for homecoming?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

whoa. i love it.

i love weddings.
i already have my wedding planned and this wedding is pretty dang close.
especially the dress. buttons. pockets.
minus the pink and put in navy blue.

via utah bride blog


after buying my dress for homecoming.
i waited until a boy who was man enough to ask me.
i wanted to buy my shoes. badly. however,
you can't buy the shoes until you know your date's height.
but finally jake daniel got some guts.
and so i got paid, and rolled down to the mall.
i knew i wanted heels of course, if your date almost has a foot on you, you'd better elevate.
his favorite color? teal.
my third favorite color? teal.
so teal heels it was.
(i wanted yellow but i have to make the date happy somehow..)
no luck. every store, pointy toed and too cheesy.
i walked out of forever 21 feeling discouraged and i saw the big MACY'S lit up.
hmm.. i've never really shopped at macy's. i guess some people would call me thrifty, others cheap.
i just don't like spending a lot of money. but i had a feeling. just go in there. you might find some on sale.
so i went with my gut.
and boy i'm glad i did.

these bad boys, were on the clearance rack.
they caught my eye. and the only ones there.i prayed they were my size.
size 9? cha ching.
anyone catch the brand?? STEVE MADDEN.
i've been wallowing in a sadness because i specifically wanted some steve maddens.
but no way. i'm too cheap.
original price: $79.00
what i paid: $29.00
75% off.
can i get a holler?

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i'll be back again when the tide is in, someday.

so i kinda like this band.
named tokyo police club.

do those guys in the video look familiar?
it's these guys!

i do quite enjoy the song. along with thomas and olan. and the red balloons.

so i have an 80 gigabyte ipod. i know it has a lot of room. so i took advantage of it. i didn't realize how out of control it got until someone asked me how many songs i had on it.
"uhh.. like 3,000?"
when i went to the menu and checked.
8,500 songs.
who listens to 8,500 songs??
i had too much music. so i cleaned it out. i'm so over rap. got rid of those. (besides lean like a cholo. i would be a criminal if i ever did that.) and any of the songs i knew i would never listen to again.
as of right now. i have 5,312 songs.
i deleted over 3,000 songs!
i'm quite proud of myself.
i also added a lot of cool bands. like tokyo police club.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Monday, September 20, 2010

no i don't have a problem...

hi my name is sydnee.
and i'm a magazine hoarder.
that may not look like much. but i didn't even put all of my "cottage living" magazines in there. and not to mention that stack was about a foot tall. there's more underneath if you look closely.
this past week alone i have had three magazine come into my possession.
the newest glamour, j.crew catalog, and a marie claire.

usually it's the husbands that can't get rid of their car magazines.
when i get married this will be our arguement.

"sydnee dearest. you have too many catalogs, fashion and home decorating magazines. maybe you should recycle some?"
"recycle my j. crew catalog from three years ago? my allure full of tips on how to make my skin glow? my teen vogue with vanessa hudgens on the cover? are you out of your mind?"
"they're starting to fill up in large boxes around our house, our poor jimmy (future child) can't even walk into our kitchen without hitting into a stack full of your ikea catalogs."
"suck it. i'm keeping them."

end scene.
what do you hoard??

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

i went to fetch a pail of water..

at about ten forty five ish.
this arrives at my doorstep.

oh and there's some little gems inside the book.

most boss way to ever be asked?
i would think so.
hello homecoming (=

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen!