Thursday, September 30, 2010

i'm flattered.

1. thank the person you received the award from.
cailey, i love her blog. entertaining and full of character. she has one of those personalities that you envy.
and danny's the only boy i know who has a blog.

i guess they're pretty cool
2. sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words.
my relatable and "simple thoughts"

3. pass this on to 10 bloggers.
well.. that's a bit much but.. how about four?

mandi is a girl who marches to her own beat. she's got a style all her own. and she's incredibly interesting.
missi, she's got a lot of heart. she'll post a quote that's just what you needed to hear. or er read i guess.
lexi is a gorgeous sophomore that i met by fate. i like her positive attitude all the time, and it shows in her blog. also she always is changing it so you get a surprise everytime you visit.
nicole is my dear friend. i just love her personality. and her uniqueness.

dear post high school orientation,

thank you, for confirming to me that..
i have no idea what my major will be
or where i'll be going for college.
people asked me,
"where you do want to go?"

i told them
"oh i'd want to go to utah state, maybe southern utah or weber state, i also am thinking of dixie, or i would go to snow or CEU, and then transfer to BYU, or maybe U of U. but i also might go to utah valley."

you think i'm kidding, but i'm almost positive i said that.
i was so mad when nicole told me i could only go see three sessions of colleges. three?? but i want to see them all.
so i went to utah state's, dixie's, and southern utah's.
then i went to all the other rooms and got their pamphlets.
six pamphlets to be exact. i like pamphlets.
i think it just made me more confused.

so again, thank you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i feel it all.

things that made my day today,

- wearing tights, they just make me feel comfortable.
- getting a 90% on my first calculus test, needless to say, my eyes teared up a bit.
- painting in interior design
- cinnamon toast crunch for lunch
- tiffany ing yelling my name onstage, making me feel like less of an idiot.
- hannah laughing at me every other second.
- i now have 20 followers.
- a beautiful cold diet coke from harts
- pg volleyball won. yet again.
- getting complimented on my style.

oh and simply splendid is having a sale tomorrow through saturday.
also a trunk show.
you should go.

dear heat,

we're done.
you've had your fun. you've been looming over me for almost four months. sure we had our good times. laying in your warmth, only having to wear shorts and a white t-shirt. it was nice for the few months.
but there's a time when you need to say goodbye. need to move on.
i miss wearing sweaters, boots, tights, peacoat and beanies. i miss drinking hot chocolate, wrapping in my warm quilt on a cloudy and blustery day.
however, this is all impossible to wear or do with the "beautiful" ninety degree weather.

i offer you to join me in a protest. summer, back off, make way for fall.

Monday, September 27, 2010

ah those friends.

i talked to a friend at lunch today.
and it made my day. all day.
this friend, nicole darais. is a great friend.
we're not constantly hanging out, or calling each other every night. but i still feel like she's one my best.

i think the Lord made us side by side.
then thought "you know what? i'm going to give these two dashing girls the same personality." and so it was done.
we're both bugged by the same people, both will watch gilmore girls for hours on end (she also introduced me to gilmore girls, and i can never thank her enough), both would rather sit at home and watch a cheesy romantic comedy instead of "partying", and we both understand each other.

she's the friend you can count on and can confide in. she doesn't care what people think and she actually listens to me when i talk.

i guess you could say she's one of those, lifetime friends.

mascara, so overrated.

i was sitting in one of my favorite classes, francais deux.
and all of a sudden, my eye started to itch. which is normal for me, my eyes tend to dry out constantly.
i was being careful so as to not spread black mess all over my beautiful clean eye. and then i realized, my eyelashes were soft, not crunchy.
did i seriously forget to put on mascara?
i went all day, without mascara in public. and it felt great.
i don't find very much use for it since my eyelashes are black. but you know. it is fun to put on.
maybe someone can help me put on some nice false eyelashes for homecoming?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

whoa. i love it.

i love weddings.
i already have my wedding planned and this wedding is pretty dang close.
especially the dress. buttons. pockets.
minus the pink and put in navy blue.

via utah bride blog


after buying my dress for homecoming.
i waited until a boy who was man enough to ask me.
i wanted to buy my shoes. badly. however,
you can't buy the shoes until you know your date's height.
but finally jake daniel got some guts.
and so i got paid, and rolled down to the mall.
i knew i wanted heels of course, if your date almost has a foot on you, you'd better elevate.
his favorite color? teal.
my third favorite color? teal.
so teal heels it was.
(i wanted yellow but i have to make the date happy somehow..)
no luck. every store, pointy toed and too cheesy.
i walked out of forever 21 feeling discouraged and i saw the big MACY'S lit up.
hmm.. i've never really shopped at macy's. i guess some people would call me thrifty, others cheap.
i just don't like spending a lot of money. but i had a feeling. just go in there. you might find some on sale.
so i went with my gut.
and boy i'm glad i did.

these bad boys, were on the clearance rack.
they caught my eye. and the only ones there.i prayed they were my size.
size 9? cha ching.
anyone catch the brand?? STEVE MADDEN.
i've been wallowing in a sadness because i specifically wanted some steve maddens.
but no way. i'm too cheap.
original price: $79.00
what i paid: $29.00
75% off.
can i get a holler?

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i'll be back again when the tide is in, someday.

so i kinda like this band.
named tokyo police club.

do those guys in the video look familiar?
it's these guys!

i do quite enjoy the song. along with thomas and olan. and the red balloons.

so i have an 80 gigabyte ipod. i know it has a lot of room. so i took advantage of it. i didn't realize how out of control it got until someone asked me how many songs i had on it.
"uhh.. like 3,000?"
when i went to the menu and checked.
8,500 songs.
who listens to 8,500 songs??
i had too much music. so i cleaned it out. i'm so over rap. got rid of those. (besides lean like a cholo. i would be a criminal if i ever did that.) and any of the songs i knew i would never listen to again.
as of right now. i have 5,312 songs.
i deleted over 3,000 songs!
i'm quite proud of myself.
i also added a lot of cool bands. like tokyo police club.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Monday, September 20, 2010

no i don't have a problem...

hi my name is sydnee.
and i'm a magazine hoarder.
that may not look like much. but i didn't even put all of my "cottage living" magazines in there. and not to mention that stack was about a foot tall. there's more underneath if you look closely.
this past week alone i have had three magazine come into my possession.
the newest glamour, j.crew catalog, and a marie claire.

usually it's the husbands that can't get rid of their car magazines.
when i get married this will be our arguement.

"sydnee dearest. you have too many catalogs, fashion and home decorating magazines. maybe you should recycle some?"
"recycle my j. crew catalog from three years ago? my allure full of tips on how to make my skin glow? my teen vogue with vanessa hudgens on the cover? are you out of your mind?"
"they're starting to fill up in large boxes around our house, our poor jimmy (future child) can't even walk into our kitchen without hitting into a stack full of your ikea catalogs."
"suck it. i'm keeping them."

end scene.
what do you hoard??

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

i went to fetch a pail of water..

at about ten forty five ish.
this arrives at my doorstep.

oh and there's some little gems inside the book.

most boss way to ever be asked?
i would think so.
hello homecoming (=

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen!

Friday, September 17, 2010

oh em gee! so vintage.

soo there's this girl. her name is sara. sara harding.
sometimes i forget she's not my real sister. because sometimes. i feel like she is.
she got me addicted to project runway, and she'll hit every candy store in the mall.
she's amazingly talented in graphic design. and i mean it.
she does wedding invitations, and now she does these.
 (i never claim to be a "photographer" so sorry for the terrible photos)
uh awesome right?

like them? well you should.
there's a billion more designs and a trillion more colors.
right here.

thanks sara!
you're the bomb shizzle.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

so far away....

so homecoming is still three weeks away. which actually if you think about it,,
it's not that long!
me? dateless.
yet i have my dress. it's in my room. just hanging there. i feel bad for the beautiful dress.
it's dying to be worn. it's dying to be seen!
and the poor thing doesn't have cute shoes to go with it.
when i find a dress, the first thing i think of is "what shoes would go with it?"
half the reason i love date dances is so i have an excuse to buy heels.
i'm thinking some booties.
but probably not.
just ask us already. 

lisa for homecoming queen.

Monday, September 13, 2010


i'm having one of those days.
one of those days where life just feels great

-i'm sitting at a table painting in simply splendid. and i think, i finally have a job?
life is great.
-i'm wearing a really baggy shirt, my hair in a bun, my really bunchy jeans, and i get a lot of compliments from random people?
life is great.
-i sit by the funniest kid in the class, and he told me he looks forward to seminary because he sits by me??
life is great.
-i finally get to reunite with my friends.. blair waldorf and serena van der woodsen, season premiere?
life is great.
-i understand every single french phrase in the episode? and monsieur burnah thinks i'm the best in class?
life is great.
-my favorite shoes make the awesome clapping noise and makes me feel powerful?
life is great.
-i finish my calculus AND biology homework?
life is great.
-getting called babe?
life is great.
-the future homecoming queen (lisa castleberry) just got asked to homecoming?
life is great.

oh and you should vote for lisa, for homecoming queen that is.


so there's these three guys.
their names are thomas, olan, and joshua.
they are the single greatest group of men this side of the atlantic.
they love L.L. Bean backpacks.

my favorite? thomas.
"what does WPI stand for you ask? well it's quite obvious. it stands for,
When buttersnaps are involved, Peaches no longer Interest me."

next dance, all i will be able to do is dance like him.

go watch the rest of their videos. you won't be disappointed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

we're best friends first, mother daughter second.

today, would happen to be my lovely mother's birthday.

she is in fact, one of my best friends in the entire world.

she sits in dress stores with me while i try on dress after dress and freak out when i don't know which one to get. then she ends up picking the one i'm most happy with at the end.

she holds me while i cry my eyes out because a boy broke my heart.

she acts like a teenager sometimes. and i love it.

she watches lifetime original movies with me for hours on end.

we share the same smile, same fingers
and same diet coke addiction.
(you know how lorelai and rory are with coffee? we are the exact same way with diet coke. no exaggeration.)

she gave me her dark hair, her loud laugh, and her fun personality

i love my mom. period.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

things i just decided i like.

-the word "lovely"
-taking out my contacts.
-putting in my contacts.
-getting that text that i've been waiting for, for two hours.
-thinking "oh my gosh i'll never get across this busy street" and all of a sudden, it clears, just for me.
-finding my perfect homecoming dress. a month before the actual dance. also without being asked first.
-being called "tech savvy" by the ladies i work with. and becoming the official blogger and facebooker of simply splendid.
-when people get in fights, but you're not involved in any way. (i know it sounds cruel, but admit it. when the football players start pushing each other and yelling, you get an adrenaline rush.)
-pockets in dresses.
-having more than five dollars in my wallet. i never have more than five dollars to my name.
-my lotion that doesn't smell like tangerines or fresh rain. it just smells like lotion.
-"the limit does not exist!"
-Mondo, such a sweetie.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen (=

no joke.

i saw a chicken crossing the road.
for reals.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

soo cute.

yesterday, was my parent's 25th wedding anniversary.
i know big milestone.
so i got bored and looked through their wedding pictures.
love the hat mom.
ohh 1985.
now you can see where i got my good looks from right?

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

typical fall merrell sunday.

wake up.
go to church.
feel the spirit.
come home.
change into sweats. (or as my mom says "sweat out")
watch football.
make something with "pumpkin" in it (today it was pumpkin bread, made by yours truly)
watch football.
curl up in one of our many quilts.
watch football.
take a quick nap. with football playing in the background.
watch football.
delicious turkey dinner at grandma merrell's.
watch football.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


so sometimes, i go to a blacklight dance, i wear my favorite baggy striped shirt, and i dance like a weird person.
i can now do two boss dance moves. thanks to ruger.
and cross off "busted by the police" from my high school experience list.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

wedding tuesdeys

so sometimes our whole laurel's group is obsessed with weddings, at the same time.
three of the most obsessed girls, are in the presidency
a.k.a. me, mireya and shelbie.
so what girl doesn't want to sit down with twenty wedding magazines and plan your entire wedding?
hence our wedding tuesday.
we merely started.
here is my bridal look. obviously.
my colors are mustard, navy and grey.
dress? vera wang. of course. and yes i will make it modest.
however, i want a fall wedding, hence the beautiful cashmere cardigan from j.crew. just in case it gets chilly.

(these are scans by the way, i do apologize for the awful quality.)
my dearest bridesmaids. i don't know if there will be four.
if i really get my way, i'll for sure have five beautiful bridesmaids (sara *wink* )
yes, j.crew dresses. but aren't they so gorgeous??

of course i am not done. not even close.
this is simply the start.

lisa castleberry for homecoming queen!