Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dear gossip girl,

you're my favorite show ever
i'm not really liking how this season is playing out lately though

you make too many impossible connections

the guy who jenny had to escort around new york for a day, orders from chuck, is a drug dealer?
come on.
jenny decides to be drug dealer with him too?
come on..
he's the belgian ambassador's son?
come on....
he went to boarding school with serena??
that's wayyy too far fetched

and chuck's mom??
i'm all for mother reuniting but don't play around with it!
just let them be together!
she doesn't have to tell him lies and be like
"oh no i was your daddy's girlfriend, i don't know what you're talking about i'm not your mommy."
let chuck be happy!
(even though i am still soo super psyched that you put him and blair together (= i've been waiting for that since season one)
and don't keep making chuck be mad at blair
it makes me sad for her

whatever happened to trip??
last episode was full of him and he's just gone?
did him and his wife get divorced?
did he ever talk to serena after the accident?

i miss blair
all she does is comfort chuck about his problems and hasn't gotten hardly attention at all
she's my favorite character!
please bring her back (=

i love you with all of my heart gossip girl (=

with love,,

dear love,

you're great (=

i swear it's you that i've waited for
i swear it's you that my heart beats for
and it's not going to stop
thank you onerepublic (=

while trying to ask my mom permission to have my dear friend eryn stay with us in st george,
she said,,
"yeah she can but i was wondering if you wanted to ask jeff to come with us."
shocked i didn't know what to say,
my mom has never acknowledged any guy that i've liked,
and especially to even invite him to anything
especially a four day weekend trip four hours away (=
let's just say it would be the greatest st george trip i've ever experienced.
hope and pray she was serious

i listen to too many sappy love songs lately
thanks a lot love (=

you're the greatest thing to ever happen in my life,
you're too amazing i can't even describe it,


with love,,
sydnee (=