Monday, January 31, 2011

day twenty one, two and three.

day twenty one-
i'm not so good at these moment ones.
there's this girl, who i must be eternally grateful for.
she asked me to hang out, i freaked. boys. they've sort of freaked me out for the past few months.
one was for me apparently.
he would probably be some boy that was way out of my league and would just sit in the corner waiting for his friend to call it a night.
however,, from the second he turned the corner and made that eye contact,
it was one of those "I just died in your arms tonight" moments.
we talked all night.
and since then.
ah, it feels great.

day twenty two,
okay i'll admit.
i upset easily.
it's hard to pin point one thing.
but mostly it's when people let me down.
i don't like being let down.

day twenty three,
watching movies,
it's nice to escape the terrible world into the lives of elizabeth bennett, holly golightly, mia thermopolois, and rick.

day twenty, my month

holy goodness.
i am so sorry about the constant, well not blogging.
let's just say i'm breaking out and my shoulders feel tighter than jeggings.

my month.
well how convenient that it is the thirty first.

it goes something like this..
-becoming an adult.
-tights and berets.
-my book.
-fashion blog.
-vampire weekend.
-low GPA.
-office lady.
-my feet are never going to stop hurting from all my cute shoes.
-it's nice to feel like this again.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

day seventeen, eighteen and nineteen.

sorry i'm a little behind.
it's been a little bit of a crazy week.

day sixteen, my favorite moment?
wow that's a tough one.
frankly, i've never had a favorite.
i'm not lazy,
i just literally can't think of one.

day seventeen, my favorite birthday,
would have to be my eighth birthday.
classic skating, baptism, and i got my favorite board game clue.
greatest birthday ever.

day eighteen, my biggest regret
most of the time it's always looking to the past.
it's hard for me to move on.
i always look at how things were and not how things could be,
it's one of my faults.
i'm always regretting not holding on tight enough,
not saying what i should have,
not just jumping in when i should have

sorry for the reader's digest version.
i'm just tired of being behind.
i'll be better i promise.

Monday, January 24, 2011

for my work, i deliver cookies to the MTC every monday, wednesday and friday.
i love going there.
all the fun missionaries with the gospel just shining through their eyes is just a sight to see.
i got a flat tire on friday and i think about fifteen missionaries came over to help.
one time i was pulling into the mailroom when i realized i couldn't because a large group of them were playing four square in the middle of the road. it was getting pretty intense.
and today,
i got a lovely sight to behold.
i was getting ready to pull out when i looked over at a certain missionary by the mail box.
he looked a little familiar.
i couldn't put my finger on it.
then he turned around, looked at me and started running to my car.
ladies, i saw steve westover inside of the MTC.
you may know him as the boy who flirted with every single girl around the school,
he now has a different light about him, and i just enjoy it.
missionaries are the best.

day sixteen, my first kiss.

my first kiss doesn't have a funny back story or an awkward encounter.
it was really just as simple as a kiss.

i was thirteen years old,
very young i know, it's slightly embarrassing at times.
i did the whole "going out" thing.
but this one boy was different,
he actually did talk to me, a lot.
he hugged me, it was weird at first.
all it did was build up to the big kiss.

laying in the grass under the stars.
nothing very spectacular.
but i'd say my first kiss, was definitely not a bad one.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

day fifteen, to dream.

my dreams are simple.
-attend dixie state college
-find a great returned missionary.
-get married in the temple
-be a mother

day fourteen, again.

i wore my lucky dress.
and how great of luck it was.
i love life.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

day thirteen, my week.

- audrey hepburn
- work work work
- english 1010
- spent two hours working on the fashion blog
- no fourth periodddd
- no workkkkk
- found myself quite bored.
-did i just say i like you? yep i did.
- brother's birthday
- mall
- i possibly might have just bought my sweethearts dress
- oh no, i might be smitten.
- officially a part of HOSA
- lone peak is the worst
- timothy.
- more work
- possible date.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

this never ever ever ever ever
gets old

the brady bunch.

this is my brother

today, he turns sixteen.
he went and got his license before school.
 watch out ladies, he's ready to date.
happy birthday brady boy.

day twelve, bag it up.

i don't have a set bag i always carry around
but in my usual bag,

- my oversized wallet full of change. i like paying in exact change.
- my day planner.
- chapstick.
- possibly my book.

i keep it simple.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

day eleven, the brothers.

as many of you know,
i grew up with only boys.
i have three brothers.
the oldest,

geoffrey scott merrell,
he's currently twenty years old and living in riverton, wyoming.
he's serving in the billings, montana mission. (i know so far away)
he loves music, he's been to more concerts than anybody i know,
he longboards
he writes me letters
and he shares the gospel.

brady richard merrell.
he will be sixteen tomorrow. weird.....
he lives and breathes football and snowboarding.
he's got a great sense of humor and his laugh is unique.
he's one of those people who you like right when you meet him.

chase lynn merrell,
he's fourteen years old.
he's a heartbreaker.
he loves to play baseball, basketball, football, anything with a ball in it.
we may not get along all the time but we try.

i also have five sisters. they're the greatest.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i've put my diet coke drinking to good use.

ha! all of you mocked me for constantly having a bottle in hand.
now the joke is on you!
my coke rewards.
i only have 39 more points until i can get a one year subscription to lucky magazine.
the sad thing is..
i've only been entering the codes for a week.
yeah yeah yeah keep laughing.


i forgot to put on mascara this morning.
i didn't realize it until fourth period.

i got a letter in the mail from a missionary.
it wasn't from my brother.
but instead from an elder who was told from geoff that i was "pretty rad"

i'm having trouble typing C's when i text.
so when i text you
"an you ome hill with me. it will be ool."
you'll know that i'm not going crazy.

i'm out of interior design and and am now an office aid.
i answer the phones all official.
i can transfer you.

day ten, my apparel.

well what a great day to have this on.
today i wore my black dress with white polka dots,
not i'm not really a polka dot kind of girl but this dress really spoke to me,
i wore black opaque tights to go underneath it,
and my grey booties that lace up.

i also got sucked into getting my hair done at the career fair,
it looked "very french" as mireya would put it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

boredom and creativity.

i felt very creative yesterday,
i spent my day organizing my room,
it was much needed
like finally organizing my hanging part of my closet.
i can finally find things.
and i found these picture frames,
so i printed some nice pictures.

oh and if you have cute necklaces that you just want to show off
just hammer in a little nail,
(i have plenty)
and hang them,
it's so decorative and good for keeping them there.

day nine, i believe.

- I believe that there is someone out there for everybody.
- I believe that He has a specific plan for every single person.
- I believe that redecorating your room can change your mood instantly.
- I believe a good pair of jeans will have the effect of making your more confident than before.
- I believe that one day i will travel the entire world.
- I believe sometimes He pushes certain people towards you. and keeps pushing.
- I believe in Jesus Christ.

day eight, a moment

i can't even begin to tell you how insanely stressful just getting ready for college is.
it can drive you to madness.
i wanted to apply to every single college within a five hour drive.
however i almost drove my mom to tears when i told her i'm not even going to apply to UVU.
i got all my letters back, and got even more stressed.
i still had no idea, but every single other person i knew did.
they couldn't stop talking about it, and it made me want to just cry.

i decided i had to pray.
i didn't get a perfect answer like
all i got was

"dixie state college is going to be the best option"
so here i am.
my mom still hates that i'm leaving her
but that moment that i knew i was ready to be a part of the red storm.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

last night,
i figured out that fate, is real my friends.
thank you costa vida.

day seven, my frans

i love all my friends.
best friends are just a choice couple.

lisa, robyn and eryn are my best friends.
we sometimes get on each other's nerves but by the end of the day, we're all good.
we tend to leave parties so that we can watch disney movies.
E.S.S.P's are our trademark and our friendship can be described in this video.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

day six, my day.

well, my day today was full
hence why i'm blogging about it the next day.

my morning,
i went to school with a slight fiendish attitude.
after finishing half of my math homework,
i had unbearable pain.
the type only girls would understand,
i went home and watched gilmore girls and then went back to go to my final day of seminary.
we watched the chronicles of andrew.
funniest thing i've ever seen.
"i just want to thank you for giving me the best night of my life"

i went off to work as usual,
delivered to the MTC, and cut some vinyl.
then came the fun part..


our young women leaders rented out the mutual dell lodge and we had a F.U.N. activity (friendship unity night.)
we played the box game (which takes too long to explain but.. basically, it's vicious)
lisa re-sprained her ankle and i have a giant bruise on my knee.
i head butted a little beehive, reagan too.
me and emme (my new little sister) owned at chicken on the roof,
and i ended the night with claire playing and braiding my hair.

could possibly be one of the greatest nights ever.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

day five, my definition.

love to me..
is simple.

you have to constantly catch your breath,
and wonder how you ever got so lucky.

it'll be worth waiting for.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

day four, my food.

because i'm sure all of you care..
i of course skipped breakfast, yell at me all you want, i'd rather sleep.
for one of ammon's last lunches in pleasant grove, we took a trip to robyn's house,
a common occurrence for the lunch break.
i ate two bowls of honey nut cheerios, and i lowered my cholesterol.

i had to pick up some croissants for the store,
and i picked myself up some cookies.
i ate those on the way to the MTC and offered one to the guy sitting in booth at the entrance.
he declined. but thanked me.

yes that's all i've eaten today,
honey nut cheerios and cookies.
and now i will go grab myself a diet coke.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a good book has no ending

i know it's customary to make your new years resolution at the very beginning of the year.
i may be ten days after the fact,
but i've finally found it.
i'm going to fall in love with books.

not that reading is hard for me, i just never felt like i had the time,
and i think the biggest problem was, literature in our day, doesn't interest me very much.
i don't like reading about wizards and warlocks. dragons and spaceships, boyfriends who cheated on me with my best friend, and so on.
i'm starting with the classics.

while at barnes and noble (getting a book i needed for english)
i stumbled upon these books
so many to choose from and so cute.
i decided on jane eyre (which is the book i'm holding in the picture)

i bought my shakespeare book for english but it was on same, if i bought another classic book, i'd get another free.
my mom bought persuasion by jane austen and i got great expectations by charles dickens.
it's going to be a splendid reading year.

day three, the parentals.

my father,
his name is scott.
he grew up in american fork, utah his entire life.
he is the third child out of eleven. yes eleven children in his family.
he works as a finish contractor. which is basically saying once the house is all built, he puts in the rest of the things (cabinets, doors, stair railing, etc.)
he loves to watch american pickers. antiquing is possibly one of his favorite hobbies.
every year, he dresses up as santa claus and goes to parties to surprise the kids there.
he played football while in high school and loves to yell at the refs while watching it.
people tell me we have the same exact personality.
he won't hurt you unless provoked, then you're in for a beating.
i inherited his green eyes and his cute little short legs.

my mother, shari, (pronounced sherry not shah-ree.)
she's my best friend. she grew up in provo.
she is the oldest of four kids.
she has a gorgeous set of teeth.
although she straightens her hair everyday, her hair has a beautiful natural curl.
she works at costco in lehi, you know the samples? of course you do, silly question. she's in charge of all of those.
she's addicted to farmville on facebook.
she calls me at least five times a day.
everybody who meets her, already loves her.
she has been addicted to diet coke for years now, and now she has passed it on to me.
people tell me i look just like her, i consider that a compliment.
 my parents were married in the salt lake temple on september 6, 1985
last year was their 25th anniversary,
yet they still act like newlyweds.
love you mom and dad.

Monday, January 10, 2011

day two, your first love

i think this one is pretty obvious....

it was a wintery day in KP's algebra 2 classroom.
my pencil had just run out of lead.. blast.
i ask my friend lisa sitting across from me if she had a pencil spare pencil.
she didn't.
"here you can borrow my pencil"
what? i look over to find the glowing man of jeffrey elsey.
"oh thanks" *overly blushing*
i was hooked.

he then added me on facebook, i know cliche, and asked me out on my very first date.
the date was perfect.
he was perfect.

we were on and off, sometimes talking, sometimes never.
then december came.
i met his whole family by making gingerbread houses.
and it was official, i'd fallen in love with his family along with him.

december 23rd, was when i knew, i was completely head over heels for him.
we were inseparable for months.
and i got my perfect prom,

perfect dress, perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect shoes, perfect dinner.
perfect date.

i felt like it would never end.
and i was almost sure it wasn't.

but you know the rest of the story.

the perfect birthday present this year was a text at 3 in the morning from him wishing me a happy birthday.
and i feel like i've finally gotten my best friend back.

don't worry..
i'll still be waiting.
as long as it takes.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

mr. grant, at his finest.

i mostly devote my sundays to church, napping a nice dinner
and of course movies.
my family has the whole netflix shpeel and i never really took advantage of it.
i totally forgot about the instant play.
so now, every sunday, i shall watch at least two movies.
this sunday was a Cary Grant double feature.
such a handsome man.
i just love cary grant. he just has that man swag that no man possesses these days.
and everybody loves audrey hepburn, although i must say i felt like i was just watching a more instense breakfast at tiffany's.
other than that Charade was an incredible movie.
i literally didn't see the ending coming, pure genius.

arsenic and old lace was very funny however.
a man was crazy and thought he was teddy roosevelt.
i swear you just cannot get acting like that anymore.

genuine classics.

day one, sydnee.

because i am one of those twisted fairytale followers
(and mostly because i feel like i never have anything to blog about)
i want to join in on the thirty day blogging.
day 01 – Introduce yourself with pictures and words.

my name is sydnee merrell.

i'm very particular about how my name is spelled. i love my name with all my heart.
my age is eighteen years old as of seven days ago.
i've lived in pleasant grove my entire life.
my family consists of a mom and a dad and three brothers.
-dad is a one big man. he gave me his green eyes and his fiery and nurturing personality. he's also an excellent cook.
-mom is my best friend. some people tell me i look just like her. she works at costco and will pull a muscle just to make it to any of our functions.
-geoff is my older brother. he is currently serving in the Billings, Montana mission. he's my example and my rock. in his mission, he's allowed to have a facebook. if you want an inspirational message and a laugh, add him. i miss him very much.
-brady is my closest brother. he may be younger than me but he is five inches taller and one hundred pounds heavier than me. he lives and breathes football and snowboarding. he's also the funniest kid you'll ever meet
-chase is the baby. he thinks he's a gangster. his day consists of, school, modern warfare and baseball. he's four years younger than me, but he's a few inches taller as well.
i also have a five sisters.

if everything goes as planned, i will be attending dixie state college in the fall. i will be majoring in secondary education or psychology.
however, my real dream is to major in fashion.. i love clothes, shoes, hats. more than a normal girl should. to channel that love, i am currently starting a fashion blog with my dear friend kassie.

some random things.
i am addicted to diet coke. literally.
i love to wear tights. any sorts. i own eight pairs, and counting.
gilmore girls and gossip girl are the best tv shows of all time.
i brush my hair all the time.
black and white movies are my favorite. i've seen casablanca, roman holiday and sabrina a trillion times.
if you bring me cookies, prepared to be best friends for life.
and one day i will travel the world with my future husband.
let's be best friends.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

mug shot.

i sort of have a love affair with mugs and teacups.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i'm a fashionista.

well it's official
i'm a fashion blogger
check it
don't mock it.
it's just starting.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

eighteen years young.

thanks for all the birthday wishes.
greatly appreciated.
good birthday?
i'd say so.
i spent almost the whole day at the gateway mall.

i went a little crazy.
you'll see the next couple of days at school.
i ALMOST got the courage to buy a j. crew cardigan.
but i chickened out.
maybe next time.

one word.