Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i missed design star.
i hate not having tivo.

new favorite website

Sunday, June 27, 2010

girls camp equals epic

i love girls camp

- getting into fights with boy scouts and dunking 14 year old boys

- puking my guts out

- mama gammon

- shoving past scared boys to jump off cliffs

- mireya back from europe!

- "who was your first kiss? was it awkward? when did you start your period?"

- swearing during testimony meeting

- screaming my lungs out at a stuffed coyote

- D-I-N-O-S-A you are a dinosaur

- big foot stories

- melted whipped cream to little warburton's face

- the perfect spot on the rock

- never, ever, ever give up.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

oh dear strawberry days

how i do love the great tradition of pleasant grove strawberry days

things that i found out while at the strawberry days carnival
1. i would love to work as a carnie, except i realized all the workers were mexican and all had the exact same moustaches
2. girls can wear extremely short shorts and skirts, also most of them are.. well.. not thin
3. i don't have the most strong stomach in the world, after riding on four rides in a row that make you go upside down (ring of fireeee) we had to go back to my house and i had to lay down so i wouldn't puke, then we went right back to the carnival a half hour later (=
4. most of the games are rigged. while sitting down on a picnic table for roughly fifteen minutes, not one person even got close to winning a game that we saw
5. the food there is reallyyy expensive, three dollars for a corn dog??
"you could buy three corn dogs for a dollar at weinerschnitzel!"
6. riding the ferris wheel really isn't as romantic as it sounds, especially when your date thinks it's funny to rock back and forth
7. dresses are not a good idea to wear to the carnival, once you go upside down you never know what people can see
8. i have the sweetest boyfriend in the entire world (=

Monday, June 14, 2010

design star

it has arrived
design star.
my favorite show
i picked emily as the girl i want to win
i found this picture of her on her very own BLOG!
i've been reading it for... a couple hours
if you're interested click here
she makes me laugh

her style is soo cute
her portfolio is my complete style
also her clothes were off the charts my favorite

but sadly her design on the show wasn't my favorite
they had to start with this white room
they were assigned another competitor and they had to design the room from that person's personality
and my favorite design was michael's design
he's probably my second favorite now
no surprise it was my favorite because he was assigned emily to design after


my good old theater

i love water gardens.
everyone always dogged on it
"that movie theater's old"
"it has sticky floors"
"the seats are squeaky"
wah wah wah wah wah
that's what makes this theater sooo amazing
everyone one would rather go pay five extra dollars for the exact same movie
i don't know about you but i'm never comfortable in a theater anyway.

the tickets are ALWAYS three dollars

i think i'm going to spend my summer there.
try and keep it in business this time (=

jeff and i went and saw date night.
funniest. movie. ever.
i would watch it over and over again (=

oh water gardens i'm so glad that you're back

Friday, June 11, 2010


roses are in bloom.
i definitely do love fully bloomed roses
straight from the rose bush in my front yard
they even have a little bit of rain on them (=

i like.. rain (=

i changed my blog around
i think it looks cute
and not so boring
it took me forever to choose between five of the different backgrounds on here

last night i had movie night with the elsey's
which is always a fun event
i recieved an indian name, compliments of ryan
"syd, what's your last name?"
"uhhh.. merrell"
"wrong, it's syd barking dog"
and i got to watch an awesome movie straight out of the 70s (=

i also drove on the freeway for the third time
proud of me?
well i'm proud of myself

i wish i had cuter pictures of myself to put as my blog title
it's boring.

i watched julie and julia on netflix instant play
and i felt like blogging
i wish i was more consistent

ahh rain (=

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i love my friends

especially nicole darais and lucy daynes

i couldn't help it..

i bought it anyway
(dress post)
don't judge me (=

i love this (=

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i saw this dress at old navy
cute right?
it wasn't yellow though
it was white
looked at the price
need to try this one
(my parents are a little strict about the length of my dresses and skirts)
goes all the way to my knees
so excited
then i turn around to look at the back
and i can plainly see my lime green underwear...
good thing all i have is bright colored and black underwear
needless to say,
it was the most disappointed i'd been in a long time.

by the way, i do not like kristen stewart
i'm watching the mtv movie awards and she won best female performance
over zoe saldana, from avatar
are you kidding me?
for all i know she is a tall blue alien real life

kristen stewart has an annoying scream too and that's all she does in all the twilight

Friday, June 4, 2010

oh dear..

yes, that is jeff
yes, i picked out his outfit
and yes i am proud to call him my boyfriend (=

you can tell a lot about a person by their.. room

lately i've been crazy into decorating, you know.
i've put all of it into my room, because frankly, that's the only space i can do whatever i want to it
hence the new fresh coat of blue paint and a few new customized additions
all the pictures and objects were either cut out of my many magazines or found on the floor of my room
it's my pride and joy
also my one and only
bulletin board (=
i made it
..with a little help from my dad (=

there's a lotta joy in chips ahoy

i have had a stuffy nose for over a week now
my dad says it's just hay fever
i just wish i could breathe normally

last night i spent the night baby sitting my cute little cousins
elizabeth played dress ups and spent the rest of the night in the cutest, poofiest dress i've ever seen on a little girl
soo cute

skirts fifteen dollars at old navy??
good thing i just got paid!

now to survive a weekend without my other half..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

you can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love

my new crush
enrique iglesias
breathtaking voice.
and check out that hair.
nice right?
whenever i hear his new song on the radio
i almost have a heart attack
and i turn the volume up to 40
which is the highest my radio can go in my car
i know lame
but i. love. him.


it's been a while

it feels so good
sorry it's been a while since the last post
i've been a little distracted with tetris
i'm a rank ten now in tetris arena now by the way
one more rank and i'll be goooolllllddddd (=

yesterday i went to nickel city with jeff scott and shikeyah (=
and we beat scott and shikeyah in the rodeo while they were in they were in an rx-8
suck it (=
scott was making fun of us because we spent 4 nickels on one game
until jeff pushed the button and swished through the jackpot
154 tickets????
suck it scott (=

i realized some boys act more like a girl than i do
i realized my brother's have the funniest laughs
(besides neal's and zach william's)
i realized i watch HGTV a lot

sorry i changed the URL to my blog
i got a lot of complaints that no one could find it
i didn't know that so many people followed it (=

there's a guy on this show that looks EXACTLY like my uncle mike
i need to go on a ross trip (=
anyone wanna come?

girls camp is coming up sooner than i thought too
it's going to be soooo boss
i haven't turned in any of my stuff
oh well, sister evans can just be paitent

i think i want to be the next design star