Monday, October 31, 2011

the holiday where you dress up and stuff.

i tried to find a picture of me in my favorite halloween costume,
when i was seven, my mom made me a dress that looked exactly like sleeping beauty's blue dress.
we tried to find just one we could buy but they were only in pink.
i needed it in blue so my mom so lovingly made it.
however me and my mom took at least two hours trying to find a picture and had no luck.
so instead here's a picture of my other two favorite costumes.

yes, yes that is my dear old friend lisa

i was a cheerleader and a tiger.

also my sixteen year old brother believes nobody is too old for halloween.
for school he dressed up as coach newman.
the goatee is rough because he lost his beard at school so we just used duct tape.
then he decided to go trick-or-treating
as optimus prime

what was your favorite costume?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

a weekend to remember

sometimes we put on fake eyelashes and take many pictures.
leaves are just too pretty to leave alone.

Friday, October 28, 2011


izzy- "emma is nice"
me- "she is nice, am i nice too?"
izzy- "yes yes you are very nice because you're my best friend. you're cute."

st. ives daily hydrating body lotion.
it smells fantastic and it goes on smoothly.

i've gone to zumba twice this week. first with lisa and the second with nicole.
one taught by my great friend eryn, and the other taught by hettie.
i really like zumba. i might just go more often.

my new red jeans 

and my first letter, obviously.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wardrobe wednesday {redness}

if you read my what i want now
you know that i want colored jeans.
i want them so much. so much.

so i finally got some.
jeans: american eagle, shirt: american eagle, hat: forever 21

i heart them.

yesterday my brother walked in and he looked like such a stud.
 so here's a feature of some boy's wardrobe courtesy of my baby brother.

 isn't he so cute? he usually wears basketball shorts and shirts that are three sizes too big for him.
i was so proud.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

you just keep thinkin, butch. that's what you're good at.

remember that one time when i told you i'm going to watch every movie on the AFI top 100 movies of all time?
well i've decided to watch at least one every week (maybe more) then blog about them.

my most recent viewing,

#73 on the list.

full disclosure, i've always had a negative attitude towards westerns.
i just never thought i would enjoy them, until i actually watched one.

i saw true grit and i instantly fell in love.
westerns might be one of my favorite genres.

this movie was top notch.
grade A.
five stars.
i loved it.

a lot of it is filmed in utah and i suddenly felt proud seeing my state landscape.

robert redford and paul newman are two attractive men in their days.
oh you mean robert redford that owns the ski resort?
that he named after his character in this movie?
yep, that very same one.

would i recommend seeing this movie?
um i would have to say yes.

it's on instant play on netflix, i suggest taking a couple of hours to watch it.

Friday, October 21, 2011


hiking to the G with him.

grilled cheese mondays with him

going to the temple with him

writing him my first letter.

sending off his first package

i'm not going to sugar coat it friends.
it's been a hard week.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


this should be.. interesting.
fun fact, the post title is "answers" is hungarian.
i couldn't think of a cool title and you know.. i've only got one thing on my mind..

- tell about your first kiss?

oh gosh. i was worried about this.
well, i was thirteen when i was first kissed. i was much too young and yeah.
the boy shall remain anonymous.
it was in a park while walking on the pathway he suddenly stopped and kissed me.
pretty cute at the time, but he went down the wrong path. of life i mean. not the park.

- what's your most embarrassing story?

i've never had a really embarrassing moment. but one time i was working in simply splendid and we used to have a thing that dinged when someone came in and someone left and the store was empty and i was listening to she&him so i was in the back room dancing and singing and then i walked out to put something in the front and somebody was there. she just started laughing and said she would've done the same thing.

- what are your top 5 celebrity crushes?

oh i like this one
1. james franco, obviously
2. adam brody
3. chris pine
4. ed westwick, chace crawford & penn badgley (i counted those as one since they're all my gossip girl boys)
5. justin bieber

- where do you get all your clothes?

i would say about 85% of them are from forever 21 and H&M. however i do like to splurge sometimes at urban outfitters and j.crew. those are my favorite.

- what's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?

i've had a lot of funny experiences. but one that was pretty funny.. it was junior year. me lisa and eryn went to the timpview game. sickest game ever since pg finally ended timpview's winning streak. while we were walking out, this junior high girl came up to us and started talking ish on my school. i was really pumped up from the game still and if you know me well, my fuse can sometimes be pretty short when i'm in the mood. i instantly went right back at her and was ready to throw some punches. lisa and eryn started laughing and then i felt someone pulling me back. i started screaming "who's holding me back?? stop!". clay ellis. i cooled down and walked away and once i was, we all couldn't stop laughing. best football game ever.

- how did you meet jeff?

ahhh lisa.
well, it all started in mr. peterson's algebra 2 class. a very tall boy with long dark brown hair walked in. i never heard him talk, never heard him laugh, but i must admit, he was pretty cute.
one day my pencil ran out of lead. math-pencil=very very bad. i asked lisa and robyn. both of them rejected me. so the table was set up like this.
i was freaking out until i heard to my left.
"here you can borrow my pencil, sorry it has ceramics clay on it"
"hahahaha thanks" i said with a super flushed blotchy red face.
yes. i liked this kid. a lot.
so when mr. peterson said we were changing seats, at a later date, i whispered to lisa
"i hope i still get to sit next to jeff"
then being typical lisa she said in a slightly louder voice
"what! you think jeff is attractive!?"
i instantly went red.
he just looked over and laughed. i was mortified.
until one day while i was on facebook a little window popped up.
it was him.
apparently that gave jeff the courage to ask me out, since he also fancied me.
we went on our first date and the rest is history.
so yes, thank you lisa. it's all because of you.

- what article of clothing do you want the most right now?

ah i can answer this easily.
i think about this a lot which is why i now i have a page dedicated to it called what I want now
i'll update it... whenever i feel like it.

- i'm carlee do you remember me?

yes. i do remember you. prom 2009. david stevens.
hahahaha awkward picture.

- you can only shop at ONE store the rest of your life. where do you choose?

oh easy.
if i had unlimited resources of money, j.crew

- what is the most essential item of clothing?

 my most essential item of clothing is... probably a nice cardigan. you can wear it with anything. dress, t-shirt and jeans, blouse and a skirt, you name it.

-  what does oxford comma mean?

this picture describes it pretty well,
i like to say, some people find it unnecessary, but i find it completely necessary,
just like everything i post about,
(bonus, it's a name of a vampire weekend song)

- (not a question) your blog looks fabulous.
thank you courtney,
i would like to let you know, i sort of copied your blog title. the second i saw yours i really liked it and wanted to change mine which is why it looks so similar..

- what are your pet peeves? & fashion pet peeves?

well i hate when people chew with their mouths open. what are you five? but i also hate when people think they're all that and treat people like they're beneath them. oh i also hate when i like some music and someone instantly says "oh they suck." really? because i'm pretty sure it's my opinion. just saying. own it. say "well i think they suck". that makes me feel better.

my fashion peeves.. well i don't really have any. everybody's style is different and they should own that but i mostly don't like when girls just don't even try. walking around in sweats and t-shirts in public makes me feel like they just don't even care. and that bugs me.

- whats the number one most played song on your ipod?

young blood- the naked and famous

- what do you want to be when you grow up?

blehhhhhhhh, being in full reality of this, i have absolutely no idea.
my dream would be to be involved in fashion in any way. however, i don't think that's in the cards for me.

- what's the first thing you look in a boy?

well the first thing i look for is if he's a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.
then i see how active he truly is in the church.
after that, i check out his hair. nice hair.

thanks for all the questions.
this was pretty fun.

thanks readers. i'm so glad i have the coolest friends ever. yes, all of you are my friends, even though i haven't met some of you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

saying goodbye,
isn't the greatest.

elder elsey,
you will be the greatest missionary.
the people of hungary are lucky to have you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

a day in pictures.

we hiked the G

and ate at sammy's.

best picture of jeff ever.

tomorrow isn't going to be favorite day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

friday favorites

yeah so what if i stole this from cupcakes and cashmere and lauren conrad

my new dog kleo.
she's a perfect dog.

kim's fairytale wedding
admit it, you watched it.

my essential half mint-oreo pieshake from sammy's.

this is my little brother brady.
i go to all of his football games, so when you see me at the varsity games, i'm not trying to re-live my high school years.
i went to his game in american fork where with one minute left in the game the field broke out into a full on brawl.
everybody else in the crowd was yelling and freaking out and me and my mom couldn't stop laughing.

my new sweater that i bought at battle creek boutique that i can't wait to wear in the chilly fall days.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


i figure i would get tagged in this eventuallyyyy.
lisa tagged me and now i must share seven things about me.

1. i love sweaters. love love love love love love love them.

2. i drink diet coke daily

3. reality television is truly my guilty pleasure. project runway, america's next top model, bachelor, the hill and my personal favorite, keeping up with the kardashians. kourtney, khloe and kim are sooooo cool.

4. i cut pictures out of magazines anytime i see something i like and i put them all in a binder. it's pretty fun and makes you more inspired about what to wear.

5. one of my goals is to watch every movie on the AFI's top 100 movies of all time, i've only seen 10 so far.

6. i always have to have my nails painted. i love to paint them. would you like a manicure? gladly.

7. my favorite outfit is a skirt, cardigan, tights, and ballet flats.

i shall tag.....
jessie, nicole, shalee, and mireya

i'm still taking questions

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wardrobe wednesday {stripes & scarves}

welcome to my first wardrobe wednesday.
i'm pretty excited to get this started.

on sunday, it was a little chilly.
i was going out to walk kleo and so i threw on my nautical stripe shirt and a scarf.
and ahhhh it felt perfect.
so i put some of mine together

(scarves: both forever 21, top: right, forever 21, left, j.crew. jeans: american eagle)

 ( scarves: both gifts. top: right, forever 21 left, gift)

(scarves: both gifts. top: right, forever 21 left, american eagle)

these are perfect for fall.
on my navy and blue scarf it's tied in a really cool way that i found online,
check it out here

ahhhh I LOVE FALL! 

do you have a question you'd like to ask me?

ask me here.
i don't want to feel like a loser only answering a couple questions.