Monday, April 12, 2010

it's been a great week,

sorry for the constant gossip girl posts (=
i guess you could say i'm obsessed
it's on tonight
chuck and blair!!!

there are a few things i've learned this past week
you see...
i basically did nothing over spring break and having a boy gone for half of it didn't help (=
i did some serious self reflection

#1 ever since jeff, i am a shoe freak, i got all excited about my prom dress but i was even more excited for the shoes, actually the most excited (= by the way they're friggin awesooome

#2 i eat a lot of cheese, i do adore quesedillas (and if someone could give me the correct spelling, i never know the exact spelling) string cheese, and nachos, i eat A LOT of cheese

#3 blue looks best on me, i own a lot of blue clothes and even got a light blue prom dress for the second time (=

#4 you're never too old to go on a picnic (=

#5 i adore pearls, i decided on pearls for prom and now all i can see are pearls, i like them so much more then rhinestones or silver or gold, pearls are gorgeous

#6 i have always wanted to go on a carriage ride, you know like pulled by horses, wearing a pretty dress, underneath the arm of a boy (=

#7 watching movies outside is much much better than watching them inside (=

#8 getting speeding tickets really really really really sucks, also getting warts frozen off

#9 my dream job would have to be a game show host, i think when i grow up i want to bring back my favorite show deal or no deal, can't you picture me pointing to the contestant "deal or no deal?"

#10 i would like to take up brooch collecting

#11 i LOVE old movies, i've watched sabrina countless times, everything was just so simple back then, i love you, now let's kiss (=

#12 i've always wanted to travel through europe but as i watched america's next top model on saturday, they traveled to shanghai, now i really want to go china (=

#13 and even if you're gone for two days, i still miss you like crazy (=

if anybody knows where to find brooches
it would be much appreciated (=
19 minutes until gossip girl (=

with love,,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wow gossip girl,,

once again gossip girl
i'm disappointed
but this time
i've even more...

let's just say i HATED that last episode
i was about ready to punch through the screen

let's start with what i'm least mad about...

soo stop messing with serena and nate
i do like them together
and they're happy together
let them friggin stay together!

i hate jenny humphrey
jenny is a skank!
she can't have nate
nate doesn't want her
stop making her go for him
she's a super skank
also fix her hair
it's too long and stringy (=

and finally.......
HOW COULD YOU??????????
i started crying!
tears streaming down my face!
why did you do this???
they're so perfect for each other
you didn't have to break them up!
my gosh i was so mad i almost don't want to watch the next episode!
but i have to because you're going to bring them back together right??

i can't tell you how irate i am right now

with well not love,,

sprang break

i love spring break..

the downside..
i got pulled over for "speeding"..
i drove around for two hours trying to find a simple sash or a thick ribbon would suffice..
i got two of my warts frozen off and one of the blistered up so bad i couldn't even put on my shoes to cover it up..
i found out no store ever carries any cute brooches..
i only got to spend one day with the one person i wanted to spend the entire break with..
and sadly i can't talk to him until friday night..
also scott cooper is a moby,

the upside (=
i finally got my beautiful prom shoes (=
i get to spend the rest of my break with my best friend (=
i feel like i haven't hung out with her in forever (=
i also got my prom necklace (=

i guess it's not too bad (=

i also forgot to mention i bought my prom dress!
it's basically gorgeous
what makes it even more gorgeous is the price
(fifty dollars!)
maybe i'll post a picture of it (=

i need friends....

with love,,
sydnee (=