Thursday, March 31, 2011

was anybody else watching america's next top model last night and have it cut to a completely different channel?
it happened to me.

no i didn't "record" it.
i don't have that fancy technology
i still don't know who got off this week.
it's. killing. me.


so i'm an office aide with this super cool girl named maddie.
she has the cutest taste in clothes and today when i walked in the office
i saw these babies on her feet,

i guess you could call it shoe envy,
major shoe envy,
i don't want to be a copycat and everything but.....
i want these ones for prom,
sorry maddie.
i'm such a copier.

Monday, March 28, 2011

the perfect dress.

after eight hours of going to every single bridal shop in provo and orem.
the mission of finding my perfect prom dress, has been a complete success.

let me give you some tips
-try on every different style you can find, it really helps you narrow it down.
-if you've got some cash money to throw around, i would suggest going to provo bridal center, 235 north university avenue. i found this gem there,
but i'm not made of money, so i had to let it go.
-really take advantage of the saleswomen. they know what they're talking about and can seriously help you.

i won't tell you where i got mine.
i wouldn't like to see a copy cat while i'm dancing my heart out
the dress is a size 16 i have on. that's why my mom's arm is around my back, she's cinching it.

sorry i got the last size 4 in the country.

you know on say yes to the dress, they say when you try on the perfect dress, you feel it.
it's weird but i got that feeling.
happy prom.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i've got prom dresses on the mind today,

too bad this one is about six hundred dollars more than i want to spend...

here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten.

being a senior rocks, hard.
especially when you get to go to a dance, with all the other seniors.
i moshed so hard, my foot was bleeding everywhere and i missed a slow song in the bathroom.
and set off the fire alarm, blow a fuse, and watching durfee dance.

oh the title?
well.. not to be vague,
but everything feels like it's come back.
i asked for a prom date, and i got him back again.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

and they're "back"

my little brother just walked into my room informing me that we love you pg is back.
um yeah right.
if you read the incredibly entertaining blog that was up last year,
and read this current one,
you know for sure it's not the same people.

you're probably some sophomores who desperately need some drama.
stop using so many periods, LOLs, cheesy emoticons and CAPITAL LETTERS.
just saying.
and the A** was classy too.

i hope these girls get caught this time.

because i can.

one could say, i'm quite content with life right now.
with the numbing shock of the past couple of days,
i've felt a little distracted and unfocused.
he's worth it.

i decided to take another trip to the flair,
but now, i can go in as i please. i can officially get a dress there if my heart so desires.
and i was happy about that.
i told my aunt dana and she came from simply splendid over to watch me try them on
(because she's basically my mom)
maybe i found a dress, maybe i didn't we'll see how it goes.

jeff decided it would be funny to challenge me to not drink diet coke until prom.
ha good joke right?
i'm just seeing how long i can go, robyn doesn't think i can do it.
i'll show her.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

this is what i was woken up to at eleven o'clock last night
neal..... anderson?
oh thank heavens.

no it isn't a joke.
ummm and
no i literally can't contain my excitement.
i can stop hyperventilating now
and my cheeks hurt from smiling.

Monday, March 21, 2011

holler to my
200th blog post
i must say, it's been a long journey.

it's super windy, i don't feel like going anywhere,
i think i'll watch the kardashians.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

oh no..
i just found a lot of reality television on netflix instant play.
this won't be good for my health.

i now am kept up with all the kardashians.

i know you're going to kill me for this but.....
did you know say yes to the dress is on instant play?
five seasons worth.


state HOSA came and went.
we studied, we quizzed each other, we buzzed in.
and we got third place.
we made best friends with the weber high team (they miraculously guessed 57 on a question)
we should've won first, but let's not bring that up right now.
i was introduced to the kardashians on E!
ate three quarters of a pizza.
watched nick jonas in les miserables,
got a cute dress (story of my life),
and had an amazing HOSA time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

don't mind the randomness

i have a lot of little thoughts that are too short to write a whole post on.

i just watched the whole first season of drop dead diva within two days.
thanks jess.
such a good show.
i recommend it.

i just decided i love granola.

i got an invitation to a baby shower for my friend. i'm not that old yet am i?

high five for this insanely soft head of hair.

i love the joke my brother always tells us
what's brown and rhymes with snoop?
dr. dre!
oh you thought that?
get yo mind outta tha gutta.

i need a hobby.

my mom laughed when i told her i was keeping my dinosaur backpack for college.
like i'm replacing that baby? nah.

this strange feeling of nervousness and excitement come about when i think of HOSA.

and i really wished you knew i dress up everyday to see if you'd notice.
but you don't.

Monday, March 14, 2011

and that's why i like my seminary class.

i don't particularly like when people spell my name wrong.
i know you're really my friend if you can spell my name right.

or when people do it on facebook, my name is right there.
oh may i also mention that betty maughan mathie,
is my grandmother.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i missed you.

can i just start off by saying,
i really missed you guys.
i stayed up at night thinking of all the things i could blog about but you were just barely out of reach.

missionary weeks were the most amazing weeks i could ever imagine,
i sometimes wished it wouldn't end just yet.
i felt the spirit so strongly, there's no way i will ever deny it.
and i hope that someday, if my life allows it, i will be able to serve a mission.

now to catch up on my very eventful week.

-seeing as we didn't have much to do at home, me and mireya skipped on over to the flair (pleasant grove's famous prom dress store) i tried on this dress,
it's an extra small, i couldn't breathe, but it was an awesome dress. ah if only i had a date.

-with one trip to the doctor, i went from having seven warts to two warts.

-i made the warner's cry with my description of eternal life. i am so grateful for this principle.

-instead of doing something like going to a movie, one of us pretended we were engaged, and getting married july 15. we made her try on many dresses.

-oh forget the first dress,
me and kate found our real prom dresses.

-i indulged in sammy's for the first time. great cheeseburger. the music made me miss vampire weekend.

-it looks like mt. mahogany first ward might just take region for the second year.

now it's time to catch up on all my shows.
oh and that fashion blog.
forgot about that thing.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

into the field i go.

as a review, this week and next week for my ward is missionary weeks.
this week we were supposed to be without tv, movies or not mission appropriate music.
sure it sounds easy.
let me tell you, it's not.
i miss my gilmore girls
this next week,
to add on to that list above,
we are now supposed to be without texting, facebook or any other social network.
it's going to be a very long week,
so if you need to get a hold of me,
all you can do is call me.
if you text me, i'll call you.

however you can write me a nice handwritten letter.
i would cherish it forever.

au revoir blog.
i will be back to you in a week.
remember that hair post?

i'm a little devastated.
i kept thinking to myself, don't be a wimp, don't be a wimp.

five inches of my hair is gone.

i miss you my long locks of joy.

on the bright side, my hair is the softest any normal human being could have,
feel free to come take a swipe through it.
it's almost therapeutic.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

don't make fun..

so as you approach reading this,
just know, all i have to do this week is get on the internet and look at clothes.
clothes can get boring after a while,
so i started looking at pretty dresses, i love dresses.
they started to get fancier and fancier and then..
it started,
my prom dress vision.
it just happened, i didn't mean to,
i've been trying to push the evil thought into the back of my mind knowing that i possibly might not even be asked this year.
i couldn't help it...

but here it goes

i want ruffles.


-alyce designs

-alyce designs
 it's not my fault i'm obsessed.

i also just purchased some coral lipstick, i'm very excited to wear it tomorrow.

i still love my cougs.

i'm very sick and tired of the BYU honor code haters.
the ignorance is unbelievable.
if i have to hear about one more person make fun of how i don't drink coffee,
i might just punch somebody.

it isn't unrealistic.

i like to here it from experts
i found this great video.
it will really make you feel better about the situation if you're still a little bitter about it.
especially after last night.
props to BYU.


i think it's just the coming of spring,
but everyone's been talking about hair.
i love my hair with all my heart.
it's my natural color and i almost always let it go it's natural texture.
however i need a change.

i would never in a million years color it.
but i'm thinking

alexa chung?
but i'm too much of a wimp.
i need a lot to whip my hurrr back and forth like i do.
i'll probably just get a nice fresh trim,
nothing's better than soft healthy hair.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i'd like to thank the academy

i'm terribly sorry for the delay,
i can't believe i forgot to blog about this the day after it happened
as many of you know,
i'm a little of a james franco fan,
just a little bit.
but after going to the MTC on sunday and when my bishop told us that the tv watching didn't have to start until tomorrow, i almost started crying for joy.
i had been waiting for the academy awards for probably about a month.
i watched the entire red carpet
cate blanchett
and florence
were my favorite.
hey uh florence, would you mind lending me that dress for prom?
you also did a great job at singing with A.R. Rahman.
it was beautiful

i need to see the king's speech now.
apparently it's a big deal.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i've grown a foot or two.

yes that's right,
i am going on a "mission" to tokyo, japan.

this next two weeks we are supposed to be missionaries.
the works.
my companion, the infamous paige castleberry, yes this one's sister.

this week we are supposed to be without television, movies and not appropriate mission music.
i have to admit, i'm sort of liking it.
i've been listening to paul cardall, jon schmidt and steven sharp nelson.
i've also changed the station in my car to 89.5 FM.
i encourage you to listen to this station when nicki minaj and usher just can't calm your nerves.
i've already watched the best two years three times and i'm pretty sure i can quote it now.