Tuesday, May 25, 2010

you wanna be on top?

oxygen put on an america's next top model cycle that i haven't seen before (=
yes, yes i know
there are many america's next top model haters but i love it
you know how you always pick the girl in the beginning who you want to win
here are my favorite girls of america's next top model,


i was torn apart when she didn't was sent home )=
she was so much better than all the other girls
and she had such a different look than all the other girls
i recently found her in my prom magazine modeling some pretty prom dresses (=
i'm glad she's still working


this cycle i had to choose three different girls because they kept getting voted off
katarzyna was my favorite but she only got in the top 4


my down right favorite
me and lisa picked her at the very beginning
my mom forced me to go to mutual the night of the finale and she was in the top 3
i still don't know why she didn't win because i still haven't seen the finale!
mckey..... i still don't think you should've won
talk about the same thing over and over and over and over again.

and last but not least......
you should have won
raina was on the most recent cycle
she made it all the way to the TOP 2
i love her green eyes and her thick eyebrows
because guess who else has thick eyebrows?
me (=

i'm almost positive the only reason she didn't win was because krista was black

has anyone else noticed the whole panel on the show is black??
and when it's between a black girl and a white girl, the white girl always goes home?
what happened to paulina by the way??
she was white?
you know who i miss quite terribly?
she was my favorite (=

thank you oxygen
i do enjoy your america's next top model marathons.

wuh what?

i woke up this morning at seven thirty
after a slight panic attack thinking i was late for school
wait a minute...
i don't have to go to school
yeah no more school,
i got up, opened my window and i heard a bird chirping
it was basically the perfect start to summer

i decided not to do cross country this summer, i'm not fast enough for it
because i'm not doing that i made a promise that i would try to run everyday
yeah.. i did it
i went running this morning
ugh i never realized how out of shape i am
or how not flattering short shorts are on my legs anymore.
stupid little short stubs

after i came back from running i started watching HGTV
there was this girl who was looking for a house in detroit and she was really pretty and had long blonde hair
and then after coming back from a commercial break she cut off ALL of her hair!
like a boy cut!
what a waste
but design star is coming back on june 13 (=
i was greatly disappointed last time that antonio won. his style was disgusting.

i should probably get back to doing my laundry and cleaning my room.
bring it on.

Monday, May 24, 2010

i'm at loss for a title.

was an interesting day.

i started out in durfs class, not going to miss that
i also saw mikey at wendy's
not that the constant flirting, even though my boyfriend was right behind him, bothered me or anything...

i'm so tired of the ryan gordon version of the jonas brothers
i frankly feel kind of embarrassed for them.
(even though i still chuckle to myself when i think of his gainer fail)

not too bad (=
even though van dijk wouldn't raise my grade one more percent.
my friends finally believe me that ms. stanton mcatee is kind of crazy (=
even though i love her for giving me an A
"syd's entourage, please leave! yes, you too tall boy!"

and now jeff knows i'm addcited to diet coke
thanks lise


school? done?
someone pinch me

new favorite artist
a fine frenzy? hecka good

think i can pull of that hair color?
i'm thinking about it (=

Sunday, May 23, 2010

well excuse me for the way i look at you

i love those days when you find all the old music you haven't listened to in forever
it was the old bands you used to cry to, smile to, sing along to

i introduce you
mr. john allred.

the first time i heard him i was doing my weekly radio show
a mysterious person requested a song by this band named allred
i've never heard them before
i would like to thank that mysterious person
i came back from my show and my older brother geoff asked me if i wanted to go to a concert with him and his girlfriend bridget
you guessed it
he asked me to go an allred concert.

his voice is simply beautiful and amazing.
i'm in tears everytime i go to one of his concerts.
yes i know i'm such a nerd
but "with or without you" gets me every single time (=

my dear sweet dog.

it's was a hot summer day eight years ago,
a black labrador dog was sitting outside of my dad's workshop.
she didn't have a collar or tags.
but she did have a terrible wound in her stomach.
she was weak and looked scared.
we called the cops to see if anyone had lost a dog that matched her description.
nobody did.
"she's hurt badly, i think you should just put her down"
we of course didn't have the heart to.
we kept her.
what a blessing she was.
she loved to run in the snow, play fetch and shag balls at discovery.
she would bark every time the door bell rang.
she whined whenever she saw my dad's truck come home.
she was extremely scared of thunder.

she was the best dog anyone could ever ask for.

she started to get weaker as years past by.
it was harder and harder for her to get up the stairs and even to stand.

may 22, the day she couldn't get up.
she was outside in the grass and everytime she tried to get up, she fell. but she kept trying.
it got more difficult through the night.

may 23, i woke up to my mom in tears
"come say goodbye to her, we don't think she's going to make it much longer"
she couldn't lift up her head and she was breathing heavily.
she was having constant seizures
all i could think was
"what happened? she was perfectly fine yesterday."

did you know there's not a single animal hospital open on sunday in utah valley?
now you do.
i couldn't leave her side.
even though i know she couldn't hear me i kept telling her how good of a dog she was, and everything was okay.
when she started to have another seizure i petted her head and tried to make her feel better until this one.
i felt her last breath

i gave her my blanket i made.
she deserved it.
we're planting beautiful flowers around her grave in between the two trees.
the color of her collar.

i love you oreo,
you were the best dog ever.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

my sisters.

as many of you know
i am a sisterless girl
i grew up in a house full of brothers
three brothers to be exact
here's a shout out to some girls who made me feel like i did have sisters (=

lisaa - of course there's my best friend ever. she's the girl who is always hanging out with me when there's just too much boyness in my house. we even fight like sisters. we get in a few fights where we pull out each other's hair and spray frebreze in our faces. she's the girl who will do the stupidest stuff with me and not even care. all she has to say is "i dare you" and i'm pretty much forced to do it. no doubt in my mind we were supposed to be sisters.

the elsey's - jess, sara, jenny, lara and kate. they are the absolute best. even though i'm just dating their brother i feel like i'm a part of their family (= jess and sara helped me get ready for prom and kate helped me ask jeff to morp. it's nice having a boyfriend with five sisters (=

eryn - she's the sister who will listen to whatever i have to say. whether i'm complaining that jeff didn't give me a long enough hug or that me and my mom got in a fight she will really listen to me and understand what i'm saying. she's beautiful (=

wobyn - the great jeserick house is my second home. in fact yesterday me and lisa stayed at her house while she was gone to a pool meeting hehehe. i love the house that's just full of girls. me and robyn always are thinking the same things and she's a good friend (= also sandie is definitely my second mom (=

i love my sisters (=


being jealous of lisa's happy list
i think i'll make one of my own (=

jeffrey. dresses. wind in my hair. flowers. lise & wob. when mascara goes on just perfectly. polyvore.com. saggy beanies. a full tank of gas. finished homework. soft hair. joshua radin. a good laugh. walking in heels. t-shirt and jeans. waking up & realizing i have more time to sleep. a good long walk. frisbee golf with the elseys. ikea. fish sticks. holding babies. down comforters. ice cold water. skinny jeans. play fights with lise.    flip flops. twistable crayons. birds. forever 21. curling irons. burritos. listerine. black & white movies. light blue. diet coke. gilmore girls. tetris friends.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


sorry it's been a while.
lately i've been flooding my thoughts into my journal.
thoughts get out better when you physically write them (=
in my opinion.

i've been spending all day looking at ETHAN ALLEN's website
basically my new favorite place.

PROM = a blast (=
i love jeffrey elsey like a lot (=

school's ending and all i have to say is it's about time.
i'm so sick and tired of it.
just a couple more days.
i know i can do it (=

oh by the way
if you noticed all of the gossip girl posts
the season finale was about a week and a half ago
let's just say i'm not watching the next season
that's how disappointed i am

i'm going to make a happy list
i noticed on lisa's blog she made one and yes i know i'm copying but it was cute (=
so sorry lise (=
i'm just jealous of it